The Book Report: Maggie Millie and Merrie’s Magical Adventure by Rosie Russell

             Maggie Millie and Merrie’s
                            Magical Adventure
                       by   Rosie Russell

              Maggie Millie and Merrie are triplets. They are different from each other in very individual ways. But they love to do many things together. One thing they love doing is hearing stories of what their parents and grandparents did when they were young.

              When their grandmother decided to move to Florida they heard a most remarkable story from their mother and grandmother about way back when.

              They heard about what it was like to live on whimsical Avenue. One story had wonderful memories for both their mother and grandmother which made them laugh and made them so happy. It was about a special swing.

              One day when the girls were bored their mother took them on a picnic by this swing. When the girls sat on it they became sleepy.

               When they opened their eyes there and bright green forest called The Land Of Something To Do and they meet a funny little man. They had a wonderful time in this place and learn about the Widget Box.

This is a amazing story that will fuel your children’s imagination and encourage creativity.

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