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Renowned Award Winning Illustrator, Hazel Mitchell

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Drawing, reading and horses were Hazel Mitchell's big passions as a youngster. After Hazel attended art college in her home country of England, she ran away to sea and joined the Royal Navy. Now, she is doing what her always dreamed of - illustrating and writing children's books. Hazel Mitchell is the illustrator of many children’s picture books, and with the help of her two dogs, Toby and Lucy, her story “Toby” is published book from Candlewick Press. Toby, himself! is here to tell us all about Hazel Mitchell's career as an illustrator and author!

HI Toby, tell us about the book, “Toby” and how it came about?
Hi, JD! Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog! WOOF!
My book is a fictionalized story about me and a family that Hazel made up. It's story about the growing bond between a child and a new pet. But, it's still about me, a rescued poodle who is a bit scared of his new life, just like in my life with my real people. In the book a young boy and his father move from one house to another, and decide to adopt a dog from the local rescue shelter. But their chosen dog, Toby, (ME!) is having a tough time adjusting to his new life outside the shelter—howling all night, hiding fearfully from his new humans, forgetting where to go to the bathroom, and chasing a ball through the flower bed. (It's hard to know what to do in a new environment!) The boy has promises to train Toby (ME!), and he’s trying his best, but his Dad is starting to get exasperated. (I think this happens quite a lot!). Will Toby (ME!) ever feel comfortable with his new family and settle into his forever home, or will Dad decide he’s not the right dog for them after all? (This is where the story gets sad ...I don't even like to think about it!) You will have to read the story to find out what happens next. 
It came about because Hazel was looking for a new story to write and illustrate. And they say you should write about what you love ... so she wrote about me! Then Liz Bicknell, (she is a good type of person and rescues dogs and cats. And she sends me TREATS!!) who is an editor at Candlewick Press liked the story so much, she gave us a contract! OK, it says 'Hazel Mitchell' on the paperwork, but, well, you know it's all about ME, really. That was a long time ago in 2014. Now it's 2016 and my book is just coming out. THAT'S A LONG TIME IN DOG YEARS! 
Did you have to talk Hazel into doing your story?
Well, at first Hazel didn't really think anyone would be interested in yet another story about a rescue dog. She was so WRONG! When she finally realized that she just needed to put me in a new setting, so that children would have a child to relate to, she really got into the idea. In fact I think she did the first dummy (that's the initial mock up of the story, apparently), in 4 weeks. Which was pretty good and I gave her a treat for working so hard. That was when she sent it to an agent and my publisher bought it. WOOF!
Can you tell us what circumstances inspired Hazel to pursue art and become an illustrator of children's books?I believe she has always drawn. (Especially animals). I heard her say art was her favorite class in school. (Sounds boring to me. Why don't they have classes on chasing cats? I'd LIKE that). Then she went to something called 'college' (which is like going to dog training classes) and did some more art things. Then she did something called 'graphic design' for ever and ever until finally she remembered she liked children's books. She joined something called the SCBWI when she came to our country (she lived somewhere called 'England' where there is a 'QUEEN' and 'CORGIS'). Anyway, this 'SCB-whatsit' helped her learn about publishers and treats (wait, not treats, I got that wrong) and how to get book contracts. They sound like good people. They have a website (I have a website too!). Get your people to type in and take a look. You can probably do it alone because you have thumbs, right? At least I hope you do.
WAIT, I have to go into the garden .... sing a song or something while I am la la la la
OK, I'm back now. WOOF!
ME and Lucy!
How many books has she illustrated and by what authors?
mmmm ... some. I am not good at counting. Lucy? Do you know? What? OK. Lucy says about 17. Lucy is really good at counting. (Lucy is my step sister and a standard poodle. She is BIG. Much bigger than me. And eats more treats, which is not fair.) What were we saying? Oh, ok ... there is Imani's Moon by JaNay Brown Wood, One Word Pearl by Nicole Groeneweg, Animally by Lynn Parrish Sutton (I LIKE THAT ONE! It has a dog in it), 1,2,3 by the Sea by Dianne Moritz, that has another dog in it called Max who gets to go to the beach) and also 'Where Do Fairies Go When It Snows? by Liza Gardner Walsh. (She is a nice author, I have met her. But I don't know what fairies are or where they go in any weather. Can you eat them? No? Hazel says NO!) And she has done a lot of other books, but that is all I can remember. You can look at her website and find out. Because you have thumbs.  Hazel Mitchell's site:

from Imani's Moon
by JaNay Brown Wood
Have you been around when Hazel talks with authors about illustrating their books, and does the author tell her what illustrations they want, or does Hazel pick the scenes from the author's manuscript herself that she thinks will work the best for that story?
I don't think she talks to the authors about the illustrations. I think that's her job to decide what to do. She talks to someone called an 'Art Director'. They are like the head of the pack. Kind of. Apart from the 'Editor'. And maybe the 'Publisher'. My Art Director at Candlewick Press is called Ann Stott and she is very nice and good at art things. WOOF! Anyway, I think the author gets to see the sketches and the very last pieces of art before they send the book SOMEWHERE to be made. I know Hazel likes working out the illustrations and what they will be. She hums a lot when she is working it out. Lucy and I like to hear her humming. It sends us to sleep.
What was her original goal as an artist, and do you know if she has reached it?
Is that like the best treat she could think of? In which case my goal is a pepperoni cake with chicken flavored frosting and bacon sprinkles. But I think Hazel's goal was to make art that people liked. I think they like her illustrations. She has letters from children saying they do. I hope I get letters from children saying they like my book! That would be fun! WOOF!
written by Dianne Moritz
Do you help Hazel with her illustrations and what mediums does she worked in?Excuse me ... HEY! I think I just saw the cat ... I have to ... sorry .... HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY!!!!OK, BACK. That's that sorted out. That cat needs watching, I'll tell you. But he is gone up on the bookshelf now, so we are safe.
I help Hazel A LOT. I lie in the studio on the futon and snore gently. This noise helps her concentrate and lulls her into a sense of serenity until it is time to give me treats. Sometimes I leap up and chase the cat and run downstairs, which is helpful because it startles her into alertness in case she has drifted into a stupor and forgotten about the treats.
She likes to work in 'pencil' first, which is a pointy stick that leaves a trail. A bit like a snail. I watched her do this on my book. She did all the drawing bit with a pencil and it took her AGES and AGES. I thought we would STARVE some days. But then my other people came home and it was ok and we all ate. Artists can be very forgetful sometimes, which is the hard part of having one belong to you. Then she puts a brown 'watercolour' wash (that's PAINT) on them for something called SHADING and TEXTURE. (I got paint on my paws once and that wasn't so good. Someone had to clean it up. Oops.) After that she puts it on a flat thing with lights that goes WHIRR for a bit and then the picture appears on the 'television screen' and she colours it in with another thing that is like a paintbrush, but with no paint. Which is good, because it is not messy. And then she sends it into the 'interweb' and then a book comes back, finally. It's pretty neat, when you think about it. You people are clever for such dumb animals.
Has she told you what artists and illustrators inspired her most?
Written by Lisa Gardner Walsh
She likes a lot of artists. There are a lot of books on her shelf. I think she likes someone called Edward Ardizzone. And Arthur Rackham. And Charles Schultz. And David Small. And Melissa Sweet. And Eric Rohmann. And Ashley Bryan. That's a lot. Maybe that is more than there are in the world. I might have got mixed up. This is a lot of questions for a small dog.
The book, “Toby,” is Hazel first story about you. Toby, do you have more stories Hazel can share with her readers?I have LOTS of stories. I tell them to her all the time. Sometimes she writes them down. Because she has thumbs. Thumbs are very useful, it seems. I would love to be in another book! And have thubs!
What is Hazel's next project?
Feeding me and Lucy. Oh, wait! You mean like a book? I think she has a new book out with that nice author Liza Gardner Walsh, called 'Do Fairies Bring The Spring?' (remember, don't eat fairies). That will be in spring 2017. Which is a LONG TIME IN DOG TIME.
Is it nap time yet, all this chatter has made me tired ... yawn ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
While Toby Naps, let's ask his sister, Lucy next three questions.
Lucy, what is Toby really like?
Hi. He is VERY noisy! Sometimes I am trying to sleep and he just goes off yapping and yapping! YAP, YAP, YAP! He does talk a lot. He is quite bossy and won't let me go upstairs first. And now he has a book he is turning into a DIVA. Sigh. But really, he is a little bit scared of things, because he didn't have a happy childhood and I help him. But he is getting better now. Sometimes we cuddle under a blanket when the sky is flashing and banging. Or I hide in the bath. Everyone has issues with their brothers and sisters! WOOF!
Do you, Lucy, also help Hazel with her art projects?Not as much as Toby. But sometimes I sneak upstairs and curl up under her desk and lick her feet. Which she doesn't like very much. Maybe that doesn't help. But I always get a pat.
And will there be stories with you in them as well?I do hope so ... I would love to be in a story and on the cover of the book. And I would like to be a diva, too! And ALSO I can go on SCHOOL VISITS! WOOF!

Thank you so much Toby, and Lucy for doing this interview. Hazel is very lucky that you can help her by representing her here and with her illustration projects. Please tell Hazel I said hello.
Thank you both, and WOOF! love to you both, Toby and Lucy. xox ~JD

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Bio: Hazel Mitchell has always loved drawing and still cannot be reliably left alone with a pencil. She has illustrated many books for children including Imani’s Moon, One Word Pearl, Animally and Where Do Fairies Go When It Snows? ‘Toby’ is her author-illustrator debut from Candlewick Press. Her work has received several awards and been recognized by Bank Street Books, Learning Magazine, Reading is Fundamental, Foreword Reviews, NYCReads365, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Charlotte/Mecklenburg , Chicago and Maine State libraries among others. Originally from England, where she attended art-college and served in the Royal Navy, she now lives in Maine with her poodles Toby and Lucy and a cat called Sleep. She still misses British fish and chips, but is learning to love lobster. Find out more about her at and is represented by Ginger Knowlton, Curtis Brown Ltd., NYC.

AND MORE about Hazel MitchellLooking Back In Candor!
Permission Statement:

TOBY. Copyright © 2016 by Hazel Mitchell. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

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Guest Blog: Authors are Sadists by Dellani Oakes

All authors are sadists. It's a fact, we have to be. It's really not our fault. Stories need action, they need conflict, how better to provide that than to hurl our characters into some difficult situation and watch them claw their way back out? Hardly seems sporting, does it?
I suppose we could blame our readers, right? I mean, if the book hasn't got at least one good argument or a brawl, they feel cheated. If they feel cheated, they won't buy our books. If they don't buy, we don't make money – so, conflict, drama, hardship, pain, anguish, suffering – ensue. Yes, blame it on the readers.
It seems really mean to create these characters only to watch them suffer. We make them fall in love with the wrong person who breaks their hearts. We kill off their loved ones and chase off their dogs. We leave them hanging from cliffs, flip over their cars and have them attacked by psycho killers, rabid dogs or murderous biker gangs. That's okay, I blame the readers for this too.
We are evil! How do we think of that stuff? Most of the authors I know are certainly not rabid dog chasing, murderous psychotic car flipping, cliff dangling bikers. So, how do we think of all this crazy stuff? I've never been in a gun fight or fought rampageous aliens in a sentient ship, but I can certainly describe it so my readers can visualize it. Honestly, I don't know. My characters get tangled in events that have never happened to me or anyone I know, yet I figure out ways to make them sound reasonable and plausible.
Some incidents in my stories really happened, but I elaborate on them, pushing the limits of believability to make a better story. Although the scene in The Ninja Tattoo where Teague finds himself in mysterious convoy on Riverside Drive, is based on something that really happened to me, I wasn't targeted for death. I didn't hide out at a cottage in the woods or take down my opponents with drug tipped knives. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Read the book.)
I'm pretty sure that nothing in Lone Wolf or Indian Summer is remotely related to my real life, yet I manage to put them through their literary paces as well. I'm not sure which of the characters get treated the worst. I'm sure they could argue the point with me until we were both hoarse. (Yes, my characters argue with me – deal with it.) Each of them would scream I'm meaner to them than the others and probably Manuel and Wil would be the most vocal. However, I contend that they are still alive at the end of the book and the villains are not, so maybe they should pipe down.
So readers, the next time you're reading a particularly sadistic book full of action, broken hearts and trauma, remember – you have only yourselves and the characters to blame. The author is, of course, completely innocent.
© 2016 Dellani Oakes

Book Report: A Tale Of Two Biddies by Kylie Logan

On The Book Report:
A Tale Of Two Biddies by Kylie Logan
Bea Cartwright and her friends, all in the League of Literary Ladies, work to find the killer of an odd handyman, who had a few enemies. It all takes place on their Lake Erie island of Put-In Bay as the community celebrates the island’s holiday of Bastille Day. The celebration has the same theme as the classic novel, A Tale Of Two Cities, and a contest for look-alikes of the author Charles Dickens, an old band named Guillotine with a prop of the same name!
The plotline seems to mirror the Dickens tale as Bea, her latest guy, Levi and her friends work to solve the murder at hand.
Is well written and has enjoyable characters which provide all the fun and laughter.
I really enjoyed this cozy mystery. As to what the two biddies had to do in the story, you’ll have to read the story yourself. I’m not telling! 5 STARS!

The Authors' Words: An Interview With Carmela Dutra, an Award Winning Author

Illustrators Workshop,

PHOTO by Carmela Dutra

The Authors' Words: 
“Literature has the ability to open up a whole new world to children, but we need to have a share in helping them to find that door and open it with them. Let’s set the example and help to foster this love of reading in our little ones. ” ~ Carmela Dutra~
Carmela Dutra is an award winning author, storyteller, illustrator, wife and mother.
Carmela is very passionate about children’s literacy, which is the main reason she started writing. She believes that nothing is more magical for a child than being transported to a new world where they can explore and discover unknown things and Carmela is known for her frequent visits to classrooms in her community.
In addition to writing and illustrating, Carmela Dutra is also a professional photographer. Working with children is her passion! Whether she captures their whimsical nature through the lenses of a camera, or with her stories, she hopes to encourage children to find their own passion for reading and writing.   

Hi Carmela! So glad you could do this interview with me. 

What drew you to writing for children and tell us about your children's books? 

I originally started writing children’s stories as something fun for my niece and nephew. I never had any plans of my work going public; that was just a happy side effect of sharing my stories. Now, I keep writing because not only do I enjoy the creative aspect of it, but seeing how much the students I visit enjoy them is a huge motivating factor to keep plugging along.

I have two series, so I will include both.
The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear is a fun action packed read that will delight both boys and girls,  young or old. Focusing on friendship, bravery, helping those in need, and looking for the good in others. Filled with vintage style illustrations, Lorenzo the Bear is sure to captivate readers everywhere!
Little Katie is a STEM series, where the reader learns facts about various things in a fun

way. Complete with full page watercolor illustrations, each story is unique, and sure to capture the attention of any child. 
Use your imagination and take a walk on the moon side of things with Little Katie and Smudge!
Discover why satellites are so important, explore information about spacesuits, imagine flying in a rocket ship, uncover facts about landing on the moon, learn about who landed on the moon first, and much more!

Carmela, was there any particular children’s author or authors who influenced you?

 I’m not sure I would there was any children’s author in particular that was an influence on me. Like most I enjoyed the classics, Seuss, Carle, Mayer, the list is endless. I like children’s literature when there is a lesson, whether you catch it right away, or you have to think about it. I also enjoy it when the writer can teach something in a fun way. So I guess you could say many helped to influence me.

  Why do you do a lot of visits to classrooms in your community? Besides being a fun break from the classroom routine, an author or illustrator visit introduces students to the processes of writing, developing characters, and expressing one’s creativity. There have been schools I visit to find that the funding for art has been drastically cut, or eliminated. As an artist, this pains me deeply. I remember in one classroom the students didn’t know what primary colors were. It was from that moment on I was determined to focus on art during my author visits. These visits get the students excited about books, and it provides an opportunity to encourage young writers. To see how their eyes light up when they get to work on their writing project with me, then to hear from the teachers how the students are still talking about the visit weeks later, well, I have to keep going back.
My Author and illustrator visits are always free as my way to give back to the schools, and to help encourage the students.

What circumstances inspired you to pursue your art? I started drawing, or doodling shall we say, long before I could actually write my name. Art is in my blood. Everyone on my father’s side dabbles in art in one form or another. My father himself even had the opportunity to work with Disney in Florida as an illustrator. However, family circumstances prevented him from continuing. My father made sure that art was a priority in my life. He and I would draw, color, and sketch for hours at a time. Art is such an immense part of my life; I cannot imagine ever going without it. 

Whose artwork do you love? Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, and Pointillism happen to be my favorite type of paintings. I remember when we took a trip to Paris, I spent all day in the Musee d’Orsay staring at all of these amazing paintings. I could spend an eternity studying these artists and their masterpiece, and it still wouldn’t be enough for me. George Seurat, Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas are just a few of the many artists that I love. 

What mediums have you worked in? Watercolor, pen, and ink, charcoal, Colored pencils, crayons, acrylic, oil, even on occasions finger paints ha-ha! 

What was your original goal to achieve as an author and artist, and have you reached it? I never had a goal. I took creative writing classes in school, but overall I started writing as something to give to my niece and nephew. Anything I do is always for my pleasure; I told myself that once I lost the love; I would stop. I am happy to say that I have not lost that love, in fact, it has blossomed into something bigger than I could have imagined. I have even had the opportunity to start illustrating for other individuals as well. So being able to do something I love for work, is a wonderful chance I never expected to have. 

Tell us about your photography and how you got into it?

I’ve been a professional 
Photos by Carmela

photographer for over ten years. Photography is one of my favorite loves and passion. I love being able to capture the whimsy of life through the lens of my camera. I shoot mainly weddings and portraits, but my favorite is still-life, nature, and wildlife. 

Where can people find your photos and artwork? 

You can visit my website or my Facebook page

TELL us about your latest job! How has motherhood changed things for you? It’s loud,
Carmela and baby at work!
messy, crazy, challenging; I hardly have any time to myself. Between four cats and a 7-month-old, no privacy in the bathrooms for sure! I seem to go through more laundry that I thought would be possible. In fact, that is one of my gripes. Everyone tells you how much laundry the baby will go through, but they fail to mention how much you go through as the parent. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Above all else, it’s fun! It’s exciting, each day brings new surprises, new challenges, we discover new things together, we grow together, we thrive. As a mother with my son, and as a family unit as a whole, we grow closer each and every day. I love it, every moment, every teary face, every toothy grin. For me, being a Stay at Home/ Work at Home is the best of both worlds. I get to be here for the first giggle and step, first cry and laugh. I’m still the same person I was before Levi arrived, now I just have this extra amazing little person with me all the time! Oh trust me, it can be a crazy juggling act on some days, but the multitasking is worth it! I cannot imagine not having him with me every moment of the day. 

Who do you read? Andrea Camilleri is my favorite author. He is an Italian writer, in the mystery genera. His style is very particular as he mixes Italian and local dialect without however making it unreadable for those who are not from that part of Italy. 

PHOTO by Carmela

What is your next project? I’m focusing on my newest series Little Katie. Little Katie is a science-based series, where the reader learns facts about various things in a fun way. Complete with full page watercolor illustrations, each story is unique, and sure to capture the attention of any child.

Where can people find your books for sale?
Purchases of signed copies can be made at my website or Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Thank you so much, Carmela for doing this interview. I appreciate it.
Carmela's Site:

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