He hedged closer and squatted down, hesitantly touching the boy’s face. The skin was unusually cold...

He hedged closer and squatted down, hesitantly touching the boy’s face. The skin was unusually cold, and the cheek dented in easily, like clay. Max jumped back falling on his backside...
The Boy In The Leaves
from Stories & Imaginings For The Reading Spot by JD Holiday

Read a small part from The Boy In The Leaves:

BUY: http://www.amazon.com/Stories-Imaginings-Reading-Spot-Holiday/dp/0981861466/

THE AUTHORS WORDS: Characters Gone Mad Addition~

On Characters Gone Mad with JD Holiday and Karen Vaughan who are joined by authors Dellani Oakes, J.P. Lane and A.F. Stewart bring their characters to life in a VERY different way!
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Maria Echevarría ~ A stunningly beautiful
socialite turned recluse, Maria Echevarría is also a ruthless killer who heads the powerful Echevarría Cartel, Colombia's leading drug cartel. A brilliant business woman, she immediately set about expanding the cartel's markets and building a huge complex of cocaine labs, producing up to twenty tons of cocaine a month.
From The Tangled Web by J.P. Lane.  www.amazon.com/The-Tangled-Web-international-intrigue-ebook/dp/B007Z5Y3ZQ

J.P. Lane's site: authorjplane.blogspot.com/
Wilhelm (Wil) Vanlipsig is an 86 year old man who looks 26. He was genetically enhanced when he was a young man and hasn't aged a day since then.  Wil won't say he's a complicated man, far from it. He's pretty straight forward. Have an insurmountable problem? Call the Lone Wolf and consider it done.  From Lone Wolf by Delani Oakes. www.amazon.com/Lone-Wolf-Dellani-Oakes/dp/193517150X/

Dellani Oakes' site: dellanioakes.wordpress.com

Fairyland is situated next to Wonderland and down the lane from Camelot.
Detective Piper is on the Fairyland Police force. He ferrets out suspects and investigate crime on the streets and in the lanes. He searches for a missing pumpkin, hunting for an arsonist, wondering what the future holds in a series of crystal ball robberies, and dealing with spells, curses and other strange happenings.
From Fairy Tale Fusion by A.F. Stewart. www.amazon.com/Fairy-Tale-Fusion-F-Stewart-ebook/dp/B00G1RJUCA

A.F. Stewart's site: afallon.bravesites.com/

CO-Host Karen Vaughan: http://karenwritesmurder.com/



Author Dellani Oakes talks about her books: Lone Wolf & Shakazan. 

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Conduct Unbecoming: A Teague McMurty Novel 

Among her published works are: The Ninja Tattoo and Under the Western Sky. Plus Indian Summer, Lone Wolf and Shakazan which were published by Second Wind Publishing. Dellani also self-published a romantic suspense novel, Conduct Unbecoming which came out October 3 of this year.
The Maker, Book 3 in the Lone Wolf Series is coming soon 2015. She hosts two shows right here on Red River Radio Network – Dellani's Tea Time the second Monday of each month, @ 4:00 PM Eastern and What's Write for Me, every fourth Wednesday @ 4:00 PM Eastern on Blog Talk Radio.
Lone Wolf
The year is 3032 and mankind has expanded far beyond Earth’s galaxy. Matilda Dulac is a member of the Galactic Mining Guild. With her lover, Marc Slatterly, she works in a small mining ship in deep space. Their well ordered life if suddenly thrown into chaos when one miner arrives with a load of Trimagnite, a highly toxic liquid ore. Enter the Lone Wolf. Wil VanLipsig, known as the Lone Wolf, arrives to take the Trigmagnite off their hands. Is it a coincidence for him to show up on Marc’s ship years after Marc thought he’d killed Wil? Or is this the beginning of something far more insidious? The Lone Wolf is book in a new science fiction series by Dellani Oakes.

Beginning where Lone Wolf left off, we join Wil VanLipsig and Matilda Dulac as they continue their epic sci-fi adventure. John Riley is gone. He disappeared with the help of an ancient transportation device. They hope he's dead, but can't count on it. He's far too dangerous.
With the help of some new friends, they trek across the galaxy, venturing further into deep space. They arrive at a long forgotten planet – Shakazhan, heart of a legendary warrior race, The Timokuan.
Find  Dellani Oakes at: dellanioakes.wordpress.com
All Books on Amazon: tinyurl.com/kwt3ne9
JD&Show's sites: jdholiday.blogspot.com & theauthorswordswithjdholiday.blogspot.com/

Book Garden Radio: www.blogtalkradio.com/bgr/2015/01/22/the-authors-words-with-jd-holiday-author-dellani-oakes

On THE AUTHORS WORDS: Maria Hammarblad

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Maria Hammarblad
JD Holiday talks with author Maria Hammarblad about her books, Operation Earth & Shadow of a Man. 

Even before she was able to read or write, Author Maria Hammarblad made her mom staple papers together. She drew suns in the booklets and proudly declared them to be the "Sun Book." Today Maria is still pursuing her interest in writing fiction. She is the creator and author of Operation Earth, Shadow of a Man, Kidnapped, Undercover, Flashback, The Goddess's Saga, and more. Maria is also an accomplished musician and loves dogs.

Operation Earth:
Seven billion people on Earth go about their daily lives, and no one is prepared when a global EMP slows the world to a crawl. With all our technology incapacitated, everything changes. Within days alien soldiers line the streets, and life will never be the same. In the midst of chaos, Rachael Hill struggles to adapt to the new order, doing her best to keep herself and her cat alive. On a ship far above the planet surface, Peter just got his new Earth name, and can’t even remember his identity from the last world he visited.  That is, until Rachael bumps into him, dropping exotic objects all around his feet.
BUY: www.amazon.com/Operation-Earth-Maria-Hammarblad/dp/1612527450

Shadow of a Man:
There might be a place Theresa fears more than Borealis, but she can’t think of one. The old and decrepit
station houses all sorts of cruelty, and to make it better, this is where her husband Dominic was imprisoned, drugged, and tortured. He returned a mere shadow of his old self, scarred by abuse and Uudon withdrawal.
Borealis is the last place Theresa wants to go, and the only one she can’t escape. Dominic’s apparent madness does nothing to alleviate her fears. Her once sweet husband has turned into a womanizing monster, and will destroy anyone who gets in his way.
Geo, her faithful and all too handsome bodyguard, appears to be the only one on her side. He once helped rescue Dominic, and pays for the insurrection with a lifetime on the run. This might be a situation not even he can handle, and Theresa fears none of them will make it out alive.
Buy: amzn.com/B00FS0BWHM 

Find Maria Hammarblad at: www.hammarblad.com  
on FB: www.facebook.com/mariahammarblad

JD and Show's sites: jdholiday.blogspot.com & theauthorswordswithjdholiday.blogspot.com/

OR AT:  www.blogtalkradio.com/bgr/2014/10/24/on-the-authors-words-author-maria-hammarblad

THE AUTHORS WORDS, Author Cliff Roberts

JD Holiday talks with author Cliff Roberts. 
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 A Michigan politician who had become a
literary powerhouse. He had a long and prosperous career in sales, politics, and now he has become a leading Indie author. Cliff has had several #1 bestsellers-- his biggest hits have been The Reprisal Series and Conch Republic.  His other books  include Fatal Mistake and his newly-released and movie-optioned Apollo Road.
But all Cliff Roberts’ books have the distinction of having been hot sellers in many different markets. Reprisal! The Eagle Rises is currently his top selling book and spent 6 weeks at #1 on Amazon. His latest book Apollo Road was optioned to become a movie and has just been released on Amazon.

FaceBook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/chriskeysauthor    

Apollo Road: www.amazon.com/Apollo-Road-Its-Dead-End/dp/1500142336/

Conch Republic: www.amazon.com/Conch-Republic-Cliff-Roberts/dp/149283100X/

REPRISAL: The Gauntlet: www.amazon.com/REPRISAL-Gauntlet-Cliff-Roberts-ebook/dp/B00EQ8XRCK

Reprisal: The Eagle Rises: www.amazon.com/REPRISAL-Eagle-Rises-Roberts-Version/dp/1490467149/

Find all Cliff Roberts' books at his Amazon author page: www.amazon.com/-/e/B0034OKGW6   

JD and Show's sites: jdholiday.blogspot.com

On The Authors' Words, Author Linda Lee

JD Holiday talks with author Linda Lee. Linda Lee is the author of the ANDY SMITHSON FANTASY ADVENTURE SERIES, a middle grade fantasy adventure series for grades 4 to 7. 
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Linda Lee's first book in the series is Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon's Fury, Book 1, and it was published in 2013. Her second book, the second in the series is, Andy Smithson: Venom of the Serpent's Cunning, Book 2, published in 2014.

 Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon's Fury, Book 1 ~From the www.amazon.com/Andy-Smithson-Blast-Dragons-Fury/dp/1482312646 
AfterLife, ten-year-old Andy Smithson’s relatives initiated a curse 500 years ago. Now they no longer agree it should continue and one is willing to sacrifice Andy’s life to end it. Unaware of the disagreement and with no say in the matter, Andy is unexpectedly and magically transported from his home. He finds himself in the Land of Oomaldee, facing mortal danger at every turn as he seeks to find a scale from a rare red dragon, the most ferocious of dragon species, to break the curse and save his life.

Andy Smithson: Venom of the Serpent's Cunning, Book 2 ~Eleven-year-old Andy Smithson returns to Oomaldee to retrieve the second ingredient needed to break a 500-year-old curse enacted to punish the current ruler for murdering his older sister when she was 15. Not one to forgive easily, Imogenia’s spirit is bent on thwarting Andy to preserve the curse and she naively aligns herself with the evil, scheming Abbadon. Things go from bad to worse when a creature Abaddon conjures from the darkest magic steals the Stone of Athanasia, the source of the ruler’s immortality, causing the king and his wizard Mermin to fall gravely ill. Andy is forced to choose between retrieving the stone to save those he loves or obediently going after the second ingredient. What will he chose? Will he be able to save the King and Mermin? www.amazon.com/Andy-Smithson-Venom-Serpents-Cunning/dp/1494730162

Samples from both books at: www.lrwlee.com 

Book 3 In process - Andy Smithson: Disgrace of the Unicorn's Honor is due out in Fall 2014.
  Linda Lee's site: www.lrwlee.com/ 
Show site: jdholiday.blogspot.com/ 



JD Holiday talks with author S.L.Smith about her mysteries, Blinded by the Sight & Running Scared. 

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Author S.L. Smith has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a doctorate in public administration. Coursework for those degrees contributes to her writing. After thirty-two years in public safety, working with police and fire, and doing volumes of technical writing, she retired and became a full time writer. No longer handcuffed to a forty-hour work week, she continues working as many hours as previously shared between her professional and “leisure” writing. Publishing family memoirs helped fine tune her research skills, and taught her to contact everyone in the book for answers. The connections formed through the memoirs persist and are, thankfully, an important segment of her readership. Blinded by the Sight was published in 2011 and Running Scared was published in 2013.

Blinded by the Sight~ Police investigators Pete Culnane and Martin Tierney are as different as parchment and newsprint, and Martin’s insecurities are fed by Pete’s expertise and finesse. A homeless man wearing an eye-popping diamond ring is as inexplicable to both of them as the disappearance of the two boys who reported his body on St. Paul’s Upper Landing. Blinded by the Sight demonstrates how good intentions can go awry, resulting in unintended, life-altering predicaments.

Running Scared: The Second Pete Culnane Mystery~ Nick Rice knows someone is after him. He doesn’t know who, and he doesn’t know why. Efforts to determine either or both are unsuccessful. This morning, during his daily run, he concocts a sure-fire solution. For the first time in weeks, he relaxes.
St. Paul investigators Pete Culnane and Martin Tierney are together again. They must determine if a horrific crash on Wheelock Parkway was accidental or deliberate. Their step-by-step investigation uncovers secrets that leave more than one person running scared.

Buy Blinded by the Sight:

Buy Running Scared:

Find S.L.Smith at: www.slsmithbooks.com
JD and Show's sites: jdholiday.blogspot.com

SHOW LINK AT Blog Talk Radio: www.blogtalkradio.com/rrradio/2014/05/20/the-authors-words-with-jd-holiday-author-sl-smith

On THE AUTHORS WORDS, Author Janet McLaughlin

JD Holiday talks with author Janet McLaughlin about her Get Psyched Series,  GET PSYCHED and PSYCHED OUT. 

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Writer, editor, and teacher, Janet McLaughlin has been involved in the communication field most of her life. She is a member of the Society for Children Book Writers and Illustrators and the Florida Writers Association and is an avid fan of cheerleading competitions.The third of the series, FIREWORKS, will be out this summer.

GET PSYCHED ~ There’s more at stakes at this year’s two-day National Cheerleading Competition than taking first place. Lives will be changed and possibly even lost if 15-year-old Zoey Christopher doesn’t take action. She knows she’ll need help, but who to trust is the problem. No one knows about Zoey’s gift and she wants to keep it that way.

PSYCHED OUT~ When Zoey Christopher is invited to a week’s vacation on the
Caribbean Island of St. Anthony’s, she’s thrilled. Sun, sand, and absolutely nothing to do are exactly what Zoey needs. But what she gets is something totally opposite. There’s Tempy, a pesky ghost who won’t leave her alone; Chris, a boyfriend wannabe she can’t shake; and Enid and Doris, two sisters who seem determined to make her vacation miserable.

Buy GET PSYCHED at: www.amazon.com/Get-Psyched-1/dp/1494330075
Buy PSYCHED OUT at: www.amazon.com/Psyched-Out-Get-Series-Volume/dp/1494855992

Find Janet McLaughlin at: www.facebook.com/GetPsychedSeriesByJanetMcLaughlin

JD and Show's sites: jdholiday.blogspot.com

www.blogtalkradio.com/rrradio/2014/04/22/author-janet-mclaughlin-on-the-authors-words &  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bgr/2014/05/13/on-the-authors-words-4-22-14-author-by-janet-mclaughlin

On THE AUTHORS' WORDS, Author Barbara Ehrentreu

JD Holiday talks with author Barbara Ehrentreu about her Young Adult novels,  If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor and After!

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Barbara Ehrentreu
Barbara is a retired teacher with a Masters degree in Reading and Writing K-12 and seventeen years of teaching experience. If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, Barbara’s first YA novel, was published by MuseItUp Publishing. This novel won 2nd place in the Preditors & Editors Poll for the Best Young Adult Book of 2011. Her second YA novel, When My Life Changed is scheduled to be released by MuseItUp Publishing this summer or fall. In addition, Barbara has a story in the anthology, Lavender Dreams, also by the same publisher. All proceeds from this anthology go to cancer research.


Buy at Amazon
Carolyn Samuels is obsessed with the idea of being popular. She is convinced that the only thing keeping her from happiness is her too heavy for fashion body and not being a cheerleader. Hyperventilating when she gets nervous doesn’t help. When she is paired for a math project with the girl who tormented her in middle school, Jennifer Taylor, she is sure it is going to be another year of pain. With Carolyn’s crush on Jennifer’s hunky junior quarterback, Brad her freshman year in high school looks like a rerun of middle school. When Jennifer is the only student who knows why she fell in gym class, Carolyn is blackmailed into doing her math homework in return for Jennifer’s silence. Jennifer takes on Carolyn as a pity project since she can’t be seen with someone who dresses in jeans and sweatshirts. When Jennifer invites Carolyn to spend the night to make her over and teach her to tumble, Carolyn learns Jennifer’s secret and lies to her own friends to cover it up. Will Carolyn become a cheerleader and popular? Does she continue to keep Jennifer’s secret? Or will she be a target of this mean girl again?

BUY AT: www.amazon.com/Could-Like-Jennifer-Taylor-ebook/dp/B005NWRLL6

When My Life Changed is a story about the struggles a fifteen year old girl goes through when her father suddenly has a heart attack and undergoes bypass surgery. Her life changes one night with one phone call, and the story shows the changes and how they affect her. Lauren is a character with whom most teens will relate. Her best friend Joey is going out with her enemy and they have grown apart. She goes from barely being home due to softball practice to spending more time with her family. She must deal with both her father’s illness and being in school and the demands on her from both ends complicate the story. In the middle of all this, she finds that all of a sudden she is developing feelings for her best friend that are more than friendly. How does she cope with all the changes while this sweet love story evolves? Does her father recover? Add to this her best friend’s mean girl friend, Amber, who doesn’t appreciate Lauren in the picture.
www.amazon.com/After-Barbara-Ehrentreu-ebook/dp/B00NDYDC3C Find out more about Barbara Ehrentreu and her books at: Barbara's Meanderings barbaraehrentreu.blogspot.com/

JD's Site: jdholiday.blogspot.com

On The Authors' Words, Award Winning Author Melissa Ann Goodwin

Author Melissa Ann Goodwin talks with JD Holiday about her books: THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE and its sequel, RETURN TO CANTERBURY.
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 Melissa Ann Goodwin has written many stories, poems and articles for children's magazines, and her non-fiction work has appeared in national magazines and newspapers. Her work has been published extensively in children's and national magazines and her poetry won a top prize in the 2010 Writer's Digest Annual Poetry Competition. THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE and its sequel, RETURN TO CANTERBURY represent the culmination of Melissa Ann Goodwin's lifelong dream to write the kinds of books she loved to read as a child. THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE is the 2013 Blogger Book Fair READER'S CHOICE AWARD WINNER for action/adventure.

For more about Melissa Ann Goodwin visit:
http://authormelissaanngoodwin.blogspot.com/ & http://writeryogini.blogspot.com/

RETURN TO CANTERBURY buy at: www.amazon.com/Return-Canterbury-Melissa-Ann-Goodwin/dp/1492348872

The Christmas Village can be bought at Amazon:

READ JD's review of THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE at and READ Melissa Ann Goodwin's story notes:


Two-time Mom’s Choice Award winner, author Jewel Kats on THE AUTHORS' WORDS

Two-time Mom’s Choice Award winning author, JEWEL KATS on THE AUTHORS' WORDS!

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Once a teen runaway, Jewel Kats is now a two-time Mom’s Choice Award winner. For six years, Jewel penned a syndicated teen advice column for Scripps Howard News Service (USA) and The Halifax Chronicle Herald. She gained this position through The Young People’s Press. She’s won $20,000 in scholarships from Global Television Network, and women’s book publisher: Harlequin Enterprises. Jewel also interned in the TV studio of Entertainment Tonight Canada. Her books have been featured in Ability Magazine (USA) twice. She’s authored seven books-five are about disabilities. The Museum of disABILITY History celebrated her work with a two-day event. Jewel has appeared as an international magazine cover story four times! Recently, her work was featured in an in-depth article published in “The Toronto Star”. Jewel’s work has also appeared as an evening news segment on WKBW-TV and on the pages of “The Buffalo News”.

Her books include:   The Princess and the Ruby: An Autism Fairy Tale, Teddy Bear Princess,  Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair,  Reena's Bollywood Dream: A Story about Sexual Abuse,  What Do You Use To Help Your Body?: Maggie Explores the World of Disabilities, DitzAbled Princess: A Comical Diary, & Word Search Divas.
The Princess and the Ruby: An Autism Fairy Tale:
DitzAbled Princess: A Comical Diary:  http://www.amazon.com/DitzAbled-Princess-Comical-Diary-Inspired/dp/1615991832

Word Search Divas: http://www.amazon.com/Word-Search-Divas-Jewel- Kats/dp/1615991328/
Jewel Kats' site:  http://www.jewelkats.com/

JD's site: jdholiday.blogspot.com


Award Winning, Best Selling Florida author, Yvonne Mason on THE AUTHORS' WORDS!

Author Yvonne Mason, Award Winning, Best Selling Florida author of Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never An Option, Tangled Minds, Brilliant Insanity, Silent Scream and many more which includes her latest Pennies From Heaven on The Authors' Words.


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Author Yvonne Mason

We'll discuss her two latest novels:
Pennies From Heaven ~
Death and grief are as much a part of life as living. It is something we all must come face to face with one day. How we deal with death and grief is how we will continue to live. Pennies from Heaven is a collection of true stories about people who have lost loved ones and how they dealt with that grief. While this book is not "faith" based there are stories that have a faith foundation. The stories are a varied as the people who wrote them. There stories are ripped from the places that are deep in the souls of the story tellers. They were written with the hope that they might help at least one person grieve and heal.

& When Fates Collide Arm Candy ~
Alex Morgan is a bounty hunter. Hope Harrington is a woman with no life. Combine the two of them and you have one of the most tongue-in-cheek and hilarious mysteries ever written! This is the third in a series of Morgan and Harrington mysteries which takes the girls to St. Marteen trying to catch up with the one that got away in the their last book, When Fated Collide - Mardi Gras Bound. The hilarity starts from the very first chapter and continues until the very end. Add in some characters from Ms. Masons book The Pink Canary and you will be laughing to the very end. The tropical locals and colorful characters will keep you reading this book from front cover to back in one sitting.

& the upcoming release of an Halloween anthology. Yvonne will read from one of her novels as well.


JD Holiday's site:  jdholiday.blogspot.com


JD Holiday's site:

JD Holiday talks with Author Gail Hedrick on THE AUTHORS' WORDS!

Author & illustrator, JD Holiday talks with Gail Hedrick, author of the middle grade and science adventures novel, Something Stinks on THE AUTHORS' WORDS! 


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Ecology lesson for kids. Emily Sanders is starting seventh grade and is about to learn a few valuable life lessons—people change and so do relationships and investigative reporting could prove dangerous. Dead fish are washing ashore on the Higdon River, and Emily decides to find out why. Mocked by fellow students and abandoned by her best friend, she investigates farms, a golf course, and local factories. Gradually she persuades friends to help her test the waters. Their investigations lead them into trouble with the
law and confrontation with the town’s most powerful citizen. Can a handful of determined seventh graders find out the true source of the stink in the Higdon River?

5-star review for Something Stinks! by the Examiner. 
Though Something Stinks! is Gail Hedrick first book, she has written articles, verses, and short stories for children for magazines like KIKI, Parent Life, Humpty Dumpty, Nick JR and Face UP, based in Dublin, Ireland. 
Author Gail Hedrick's site: www.gailehedrick.com

The guns fall silent. All of a sudden my arm is grasped and I am pulled to my knees....

The guns fall silent. All of a sudden my arm is grasped and I am pulled to my knees.... we were on our way to a new, yet foreign life...
where the lack of understanding causes other people so different to fight like the devils in hell...
Dangers of the Wilderness, New York, 1755 

Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot


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