Just When You Think You Have Met Them All~

ANOTHER A_ _ Hole Shows Up!
I've been thinking about 
A- - holes a lot lately! Right now it seems the world is falling apart. 

Horrible, unthinkable things are happening all around and yet in our ordinary everyday lives (since most of us aren't in a war zone or haven't enough to eat, etc.) there are people we come in contact with that we can't do anything for without THEM wanting us to do MORE.  And I'm not talking about a paid service. NO! They expect you to do whatever it is for them FOR FREE... and like. After all .... it's for THEM! We should be grateful we know them! Right?

You know, You JUST can't doing enough for THIS type of person. 
They are, to them, (and they expect you to feel the same about them,) THE only ones that matter in this world. IT's ALL ABOUT THEM.
The WORLD could be slipping away and it would not matter to them. No matter what is going on, they are thinking only about themselves.

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