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Review of AFTER, a teen novel by Barbara Ehrentreu, In A Nut Shell!


   Review of AFTER, a teen novel by Barbara Ehrentreu, IN A NUT SHELL.  

Sometimes the people close to you are just there and it takes a major event in your life for you to see them in a new light. A crisis can change a lot of things in your life. For fifteen-year-old Lauren, her life under goes such an event 'after' the phone call telling her her father is ill.
Lauren struggles with her father serious condition and that crisis leads Lauren to realize her deep feelings for her best friend from childhood, Joey. All Lauren wants is for Joey to comfort her and her sadness slips away when Joey's with her. Only Joey has a girlfriend who is mean and resents Lauren and her problem.

'After,'is a believable account of the hardships and headaches of having a sick parent and a real emotion of blooming love from a true friend that grows through the sympathy of these events. You feel Lauren's fear that Joey is not feeling the same. That unsure, chaotic and warm all over of young love. From school to the hospital setting and that first hint of young love unspoken between lovers, you are there, a part of their experience.

The story moves and pacing is good. I applaud Ms. Ehrentreu's achievement of capturing these feelings and events in the young life of a teenage girl. She gets it right how teens feel love; the uncertainty of how the other person feels about you in return and your fears that you are reading more into it than there is. 5 stars! 

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 ~  That's AFTER by Barbara Ehrentreu, In A Nut Shell! ~ JD

From Getting Indie Authors Into Libraries - An Interview with Mitchell Davis of BiblioBoard


Getting Indie Authors Into Libraries - An Interview with Mitchell Davis of BiblioBoard

When you want to know where to sell your ebooks, availability is always king. Why do you want your book on the Kindle store? Because Kindles are everywhere. Why do you want to be on the iBook store? Because iBooks is is available on over 800 million iOS devices. So when BiblioBoard say they want to help indie authors reach a network of over 2500 participating libraries, every single indie author should be paying attention. 
Part of their strategy for this comes back to two big ideas we’ve encountered across conversations with authors and entrepreneurs. First they offer curation that helps buyers, whether they’re readers or librarians, find the kind of books they’re looking for. Second, they’re helping to normalise independent publishing, giving indie authors an equal footing with traditionally published authors, and of course by getting their books into new spaces like public libraries.
Mitchell Davis is the founder and chief business officer of BiblioLabs, the creators of BiblioBoard. We spoke to Mitchell about why they started BiblioBoard, and how they’re going to help introduce the work of self-published authors to libraries across first America, and eventually the world. 
Mitchell Davis is a publishing and media entrepreneur. He was a founder in 2000 of BookSurge the world’s first integrated global print-on-demand and publishing services company (sold to Amazon in 2005 and re-branded as CreateSpace)   He is founder & chief business officer of BiblioLabs the creators of BiblioBoard. BiblioBoard is an award-winning App and web ecosystem that launched in March 2013 with the firm belief that if libraries can affordably create user-experiences that compete with those of consumer companies like Amazon and Apple, it will create a more lucrative institutional sales model for publishers and transform information access for society. Today they work with thousands of libraries, archives and publishers around the world in pursuit of that vision.

From Amazon has a serious ebook theft problem

AUTHORS: Thought you would want to know!
by Russell Holly Dec. 8, 2014
It would appear as though Amazon has a problem with author accounts being used to steal books and resell them under another name, as Kindle Direct Publishing users discover a single author with 37 titles under their belt. The one thing they all seem to have in common is that the author labeled as the creator of the ebook had absolutely nothing to do with its creation.
Digital content publishers have to strike a fairly delicate balance when using anti-piracy software. Overly aggressive systems, like what we see on YouTube, has a tendency to issue “strikes” against users even when inappropriate. On the other hand, if this system is too lax or if there isn’t one in place at all, it can cause other problems. This seems to be the situation several authors have found themselves in over the weekend, as a new author popped up with a huge list of book for sale that did not belong to them.
There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the books that have been published under the name Jay Cute, with titles ranging from the obscure that are available for free on Amazon to the first in Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series. The prices range the spectrum that Amazon allows for Kindle Direct Publishing accounts, and in some cases the publisher hasn’t even bothered to change the cover of the book when publishing under this new name. The books that do have different cover art seem to have either a random image or a cover from another book entirely.



The Spy Game:
Eddie would love to have a
 puppy to play with. A puppy
 would pull on a rope,
 catch a ball and lick your
But his Uncle brings Eddie 
an older dog named after a
 famous spy. 
What can you do with an 
old dog? It probably could 
not learn new tricks,
 and the only thing this dog
 did was stare. It's what they
 find to do together that
 makes them the
 best of friends!
Buy at:

When I first met J D Holiday it was like meeting an old friend. She is a thrilling
 writer, illustrator, host of her own blog radio show, featuring Story-time for children.
J D 's goal is to promote the love of reading, while helping children to overcome 
bullying and other issues they have growing up. She avidly promotes other authors
 and is always a friend, with a heart of gold.

Author and illustrator J.D. Holiday is the host of The Authors' Words
 & It'sStory Time on Book Garden Radio at Blog Talk Radio: 
an international children's Reading Story Radio Show for children. She has
 three children's books out: Janoose the Goose, The Spy Game, and a 
chapter book for six to eight year olds, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE. 
JD has had a chapbook of her short stories called, Trespasses 
published in 1994 and she has had short stories printed in literary magazines
 and numerous articles about writing and publishing published. 
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