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I have decided to stick to love...Hate is too great a burden to bear. ~Martin Luther King Jr.
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Aaron Shepard’s The 40% Error, What you need to know about working and PRINTING BOOKS with Ingram Spark

When I start to think about getting a book into print, Aaron Shepard is one, if not the top one! who's opinion I look at.
This month, Aaron Shepard's blog is about the changes in discount for authors/publishers that print or are thinking of printing with Ingram Spark and the difference between Spark and Lightning Source. If you publish your own books, meaning - working with the printer yourself - this article is for you.

Read Aaron Shepard's blog at:

This is a picture for my short story~ Where The Heart Is

This is the painting to go with  my short story, Where The Heart Is.

Another story for my next book: 
Short Stories and other Imaginings for the Reading Spot. 
It will be in black & White.

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