Image Copyright Concern & Etiquette.. by: Aaron Barnhart

Image Copyright Concern & Etiquette.. by: Aaron Barnhart

There is no need to acknowledge any artist of a public domain artwork
unless you want to. Furthermore, your transformative use would be
acceptable under copyright law as fair use — a landmark case involved
copyrighted Grateful Dead posters (google Bill Graham Archives v. Dorling
Kindersley Ltd.).

Everyone who self-publishes owes it to themselves to understand the
fast-changing world of fair use. *Reclaiming Fair Use* by Aufderheide and
Jaszi is the best review of this subject. Jaszi has a nice summary of BGA
v. DK on page 7 of this:

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IngramSpark Is Coming: a new interface that acts as portal to Lightning Source by Aaron Shepard

If I have a problem with publishing anything, I look to see what Aaron Shepard knows about the matter. 

IngramSpark Is Coming by Aaron Shepard

1. Well, not exactly a new service, but a new interface that acts as portal to bothLightning Source for print on demand and—starting in August—CoreSource for ebook distribution. If you were planning to sign up with Lightning or CoreSource soon, you should wait to see what IngramSpark offers. But if you already work with one or both, you may find less to interest you.
Basically, IngramSpark will substitute for the labyrinthine Web interfaces now in place, making it much easier for small publishers to sign up and get up to speed. But at least for now, it will not replace the interface for existing accounts. IngramSpark accounts will be separate, with slightly different terms, including required standard discounts for wholesale distribution. (And, no, contrary to rumor, existing Lightning accounts will not be migrated to ones with those more restrictive terms.)
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Latest pic. :D

This is the latest picture I've worked on though it doesn't have a title. It does go with a short story for my short stories collection but I'm have to find a title I like for the story. ~ JD

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