Sketch for The Boy In The Leaves; a short story

This is a sketch for a short story called, The Boy In The Leaves, which will be in my short story collection: SHORT STORIES AND OTHER IMAGININGS FOR THE READING SPOT.

In the story, two boys stumble on a horrible truth about child abuse.

What I'm Working On

Right now I'm working on a book of my adult short stories called, Short Stories and Other Imaginings For The Reading Spot. Some pictures will be sketching and some in shades of gray, (not fifty shades!) This one is for a story called Spiders, a short short, about two paragraphs long. In the story the woman is working an apple press while she thinks about the things that are happening in her life.

sketch for Janoose & The Fall feather Fair

Another project I'm doing sketches for is a sequel for my children's book, Janoose The Goose  called, Janoose & The Fall Feather Fair. The Fox returns to Free Range Farm and he wants something from Janoose!
This book I co-wrote with my grandson. It's in the sketching stage as you can see by the picture. Hope you will come back to see how these two projects progress.
Thanks, JD

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