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THE BOOK REPORT: Sandra Balzo's Maggy Thorsen Mystery Series

I thought I like to take a moment here and talk about a cozy mystery book series I started reading: Sandra Balzo's Maggy Thorsen Mysteries.
I first must admit I have a reading list: jotted down titles, authors and even one character name on it, which I had crossed out long ago having forgotten what book or author it was linked to. This forgettable list is on three ringed looseleaf notebook paper, folded, smudged, crinkled up and barely any room left other than the margin to add another title to, and is tucked on the end of my favorite mystery bookshelf in my livingroom.
When I started the list, (probably two decades ago now,) I had the books listed in the order they were to be bought and read. Very simple: first come, first read. And over the years it has come to the unfortunate truth that books on my list, no matter who the author might be, stand little chance of being read. You see, I'm more apt to pick up a book and just decide to read it there and then rather than check the old thing on the shelf. Unfortunately, one of the Maggy Thorsen mystery series books was on the list.
From The Grounds Up
I don't usually buy the list's contenders up front. However, it must have been a couple of years ago that I did pick up one of them: Brewed, Crude and Tattooed by Sandra Balzo! And so it was on an early fall day that I looked over my bookshelves and there it was, like new and unread.
I enjoy fall weather and, I actually look forward to snow, as long as I don't have to drive in it. The thoughts of a nice snow storm to keep us home and comfy was all I needed to sit down and join the occupants of the Uncommon Grounds coffeehouse and wait out the storm.
I was not disappointed. All Sandra Balzo's characters are 'real.' I find the author has a unique insight into human nature and relationships which she weaves into fast pace and shrewd plots that kept me racing through the story. And I can imagine knowing the people in Maggie's town of Brookhills as a place I could live. And if a person or two gets bump off in every book, well, it would just help weed out the trouble makers.
Maggy Thorsen is a well form—believable character, and it never fails that Maggy's flippant and saucy thoughts and banter move these stories along making you smile and laugh. Just wait for them! You won't be disappointed.
I love how Maggie see her relationship with Sheriff Jake Pavlik. Though he is a little standoffish for me and I'd like nothing better than to smack the back of his head once in a while to wake him up. And Frank. He's you 'every person's dog.'
I have since read From The Grounds UP: ANOTHER delight!
My apologies to Ms. Balzo for adding her book to my list and my thanks to her. I love her books and have plans to get ALL her others.
NO, I won't be adding Ms. Balzo's other titles to the margin of my reading list! :D

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