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Wise Bear William is the captain of the attic where worn out toys wait for children to come for them. The Campbell’s have an old family tradition. For generations, their children come to the attic to choose one toy to love. When the children grow up the toys are sent back to the attic. 

  When the toys hear the children coming, Rag Doll Rose, Bean Bag Bunny and Calico Kitty depend on Wise Bear William to get them ready. The captain would use everything in the attic to mend them and tell them all he knows about what makes a child love a toy. They have one chance to be a child’s best friend. But there is one thing that they can’t do anything about: not everyone will be picked. The toys begin to get ready replacing missing eyes, propping up droopy ears and mending all rips and tears. 

Wise Bear William’s words of wisdom that it’s what is on the inside that counts, and everyone is special ring true for not only the toys but for the book’s readers as well. This is a sweet, charming and humorous story!

WISE Bear William: A New Beginning! is well written and the illustrations are vivid and beautiful. It’s an entertaining story for its readers of all ages that includes a lesson about compassion, remembering promises and helping others and it’s what is on the inside the matters the most. You will laugh and cry with these lovable characters. I read it with my six year-old, grandson and I had tears in my eyes too!

Arthur Wooten is no novice at storytelling being a critically acclaimed novelist and playwright.  His novels include Birthday Pie, and On Picking Fruit, and Fruit Cocktail. The wonderful pictures are by award-winning designer and illustrator, Bud Santora.
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