Review by Nata Romeo of  The GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE written and illustration by JD Holiday.

I highly recommend The Great Snowball Escapade. My daughter and I love the book! J.D. Holiday is a very talented writer and illustrator. Children can relate to Wilhemena's life being turned upside down when her cousin Bud moves in with her and her family. Bud is misunderstood. At first there is alot of tension, blaming between the cousins, even the kids at school blamed Bud for everything that went wrong. In the end everything works out. Wilhemena and Bud learned to trust each other as friends do.
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Blog JOG DAY: My Painting, CATCHING THE BREEZE by JD Holiday

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Started this painting May 5th. It's  called, CATCHING THE BREEZE!
I used Corel Painter Essentials, the Impressionist and Smeary Round brushes.
The sky is Powder blue. The Clouds are Titanium white, Light raw umber and lightened and darkened them with the color wheel tool for the clouds as well as adding some Meduim spring Bud and June bud greens.

The far ocean color is Olive green with the Impressionist Brush, waves are Itiamium white with the
Smeary round brush. The sand is Light raw Umber again lightened and darkened using the color wheel tool. 


Catching The Breeze!

The woman's shirt is Tea green with dark green shades. Her shorts are Cabalt Blue and Prussian Blue. Skin is Pale pink and lighter, andRose Dove to shade the skin.

I have a great admiration for the Impressionist painters. They worked hard to achieve their desired affect. Now, today, with the use of Corel Painter Essential (a wonderful tool!) I get to try and replicate their style in my own work and knowing I will never reach their spectacular achevements no matter how hard I try. ~ JD Holiday

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