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Copyrighting Artwork: In A Nut Shell!

You might remember about a year ago Facebook changed their policy and it became unclear who held the copyright for pictures posted on Facebook. The policy had upset people and Facebook had to put this policy up for a vote which was defeated.
As an artist who posts my artwork on Facebook, I was concerned and followed the vote to its end.
This was not my first time with having to think about placing my art on the internet.
Google finds images they like for and I was very surprised to find
a few years back all of my pictures from my website posted at
I was alarmed by this too at first. I quickly came to feel it was all right and even could be good advertising because Google posts a note that all images were subject to copyright. But this lead me to place a copyright notice of my own at the bottom of all my pictures.
That was a few years ago and again, still not happy with having my pictures out there,
shall we say, without mommy to care for them, for the last two weeks I have spent time
typing a copyright notice inside each picture. In one it’s in a tree, a lighter shade of green in another it’s in the lake a darker shade of blue and placed so I know where they are.
There are other ways to add a copyright notice to your artwork. There is upload a lesser resolution of you pictures, watermarking your paintings, or submit your artwork for an actual copyright (cost money) are just a few ways to do this.
Copyright is a very important issue and one we must continue to think about.
That’s Copyright in a Nut Shell!
by JD Holiday

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