The BOOK REPORT: Lucas and his Long Loopy Laces & Die Laughing-


Lucas and his Long Loopy Laces
Written by Krystal Russell
Illustrated by Cody Frusher
Lucas doesn’t tie his shoes and that’s a good thing, too, or we would not have his fun filled adventure caused by his long, loopy and knotted laces that catch everything in them. They catch grass, mud, and even TOADS just to name a few! Lucas has no end of trouble from his untied laces following along behind him as he travels everywhere from earth, sea and sky and back again.
This is a wonderful story told in rhyme and you can’t miss Lucas’ long colorful laces as they drag along behind him. My three and a half year old grandson laughed with every new object Lucas’ laces collected. Children of all ages will love this story!

Die Laughing- A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery by Carola Dunn 5-26-2009

Not unlike Agatha Christie, Carola Dunn writes a cozy mystery series to please an avid mystery reader. Her main character in this series, Daisy Dalrymple has a unique advantage as the detective’s wife and even with the social restrictions of England in the 1920’s, the dismay of her mother-in-law plus that of her own mother, Daisy manages to solve crimes, a pursuit close to her heart.
Daisy’s own dentist, Dr. Raymond Talmadge is known for his magnetic draw of the ladies, but hidden well is his bad practice of inhaling laughing gas which may have led to his accidental death.
Though it looks like suicide or accidental death at first to Daisy’s husband, Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, Daisy has keenly observed it was nothing short of murder. Both the victim’s wife and his mistress seek out Daisy in order to persuade her and her husband they are innocent of the crime.
I consider myself an Agatha Christie fan and I can truly say Die Laughing
is a gratifying and fun read. Enjoy!

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