My Latest Book is out for Christmas: SIMPLE THINGS

SIMPLE THINGS, written and published by JD Holiday,

is a Christian, Christmas middle-grade novel. This story is about realizing what is truly important in the lives of others and knowing when to put those interests ahead of your own. 

Dedicated to my parents, Ira and Ruth Day,  in Simple Things, the Cameron children worried they will not get the toys they asked for this Christmas because their mother is a last minute shopper. The uncle Trisha Frankel lived with most of her life has died. The only option she has is to find the father she does not know. Trisha takes her dog, Mitch to search out her father. Along the way, her dog is stolen. The most likely suspect in the dog’s disappearance is a man connected to the Cameron children Phoebe, Tucker, and Kirby. Phoebe, Kirby and Tucker Cameron are busy trying to figure out if their Christmas gifts will arrive. Helping Trisha makes them realize sometimes the problems of others are more important than their own interests.

Simple Things by JD Holiday
A Christian, Christmas middle-grade novel.

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