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Illustrators Workshop: Carrie Salazar

Illustrators Workshop: Carrie Salazar

Carrie Salazar

Carrie Salazar is a freelance digital and traditional illustrator. Although mostly specialized in Children’s Illustration, Carrie enjoys working in a variety of styles. Her work features diverse characters with a range of ages and backgrounds. Her work has been featured in young adult and children’s books.

Hi Carrie, Thank you for doing this interview. I admire your work.

How did your art career begin?
I started webcomics about seven years ago, but I considered those personal fun projects. It wasn’t until a writer friend of mine, Holly Jahangiri, asked me to illustrate her book. I waffled for a long time because I didn’t think I was good enough. That did put me on the path to getting noticed and eventually doing more work for other people.

What mediums do you prefer to work in and why?     
Carrie's site

Initially, I did everything in pen and watercolor. But as I moved to create work for others, the revision process required me to starting building art in digital. It was a steep learning curve, but now I prefer digital.

What type of work do you do and what are your favorite subjects and things to paint?
My favorite audience begins with older children and young adults, so most of my work is children’s art and mystical realism (for lack of a better word, I am hesitant to say “fantasy”). My favorite subject is always people.

Is painting fun for you to do?
Yes, especially when I am painting/drawing the things I mentioned above. Even when I’m out at the movies, exercising, or socializing I’m itching to get back into the studio.

Who are the artists and illustrators that inspire you most?
Hundreds of artists inspire me, but Quentin Gréban is my favorite. I also love Kevin Wada, Pascal Campion, Sydney Dean, Manardana Greta, Wangjie Li, and numerous artists on Tumblr who go by pseudonyms.

by Carrie Salazar
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Inspiration can come anytime, anywhere. But the majority of the time it happens when I am out exercising or walking the dog.

What are your favorite books on art that inspire you?
I buy books all the time, but most of my art education and inspiration comes from seeing the organic process of an artist’s online.

How do you describe your style of art?
This is the hardest question because I don’t know. I do such a variety of work from “realistic” portraits to illustration that I haven’t get been able to get a handle on a style name.

When do you paint and how easy is it to become distracted?
Distraction is a big problem for me. I’m like a dog… SQUIRREL! I work best late at night when the world is asleep. I also have found that audiobooks keep me focused on a drawing (sounds counterintuitive but it works).

What type of illustration services do you provide?
I illustrate children’s books, magazines, and book covers. Occasionally I’ll do portrait commission.

What is your latest project?
My latest personal project is writing a screenplay for a graphic novel. I’ve even gone and taken some painful acrobat classes to help me write it. Other than that I’ve been trying to update my portfolio with my new skills and doing whatever project by agent finds for me.

Where can everyone find your artwork and learn more about you?  
by Carrie Salazar
I’m spread thin on the internet at places like Behance, Dribbble, Artstation, etc., but the most convenient and up-to-date sites to find me are on my website: and my Instagram:

Thank you for doing this interview with me, Carrie.   I appreciate it.   ~ JD

Carrie Salazar on the internet
Her site: 

A few books Carrie Salazar has illustrated.
Where did Panther Go? by Vivian Zabel.
Spearfinger  by Chuck Suddeth.
H is for Houston by Kathy M. Slaughter
Joy and Mary Save Christmas:Written by Wayne Harris-Wyrick

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