THE BOOK REPORT: Book Collector Mystery Series by Victoria Abbott.

I read all of the five books in the Book Collector Mystery cozy mystery series why the mother and daughter author team, (Victoria Maffini and Mary Jane Maffini) Victoria Abbott.

This series is a fun read.  The authors cleverly use the book trade, in particular, collecting of first editions of mystery authors Agatha Christies, Lord Peter Wimsey,  Nero Wolf, Dashiell Hammett, and Ngaio Marsh as well as Jordan's boss is the curmudgeonly impoverished heiress, Vera Van Alst and her crumbling mansion as the backdrop in the plot lines that include mysterious characters dropping in with no good intentions that lead to murder.

 The main character, sassy Jordan is a sweetheart of the character to follow along with. Her job is to find these book treasures for her boss.
Vera ruthlessly seeks out first editions like a bird pecking for worms and Jordan is her digging tool. There are plenty of twists and turns in all these stories that include the not-so-obvious criminal characters of Jordan's uncles.

Another endearing character is a longtime companion and cook of Vera's, Signora  Panetone, who heaps mounds of food on Jordan's plate at very turn in the hopes of satisfying any misery Jordan may have. For an added bonus some of the signora's recipes are included at the end of every book.

My only gripes, there are two, are that Jordan's friends whom she desperately wants to count on are hardly around when she needs them and for that her loyalty to them might be misguided.  Whereas Jordan whines about the only person in most of the stories that he is in, her uncle Kevin, who is there for her.  Kevin is kind of a screw up according to Jordan (I don't see it) and yet he's always there to help Jordan when she needs him. She just does not, in my opinion appreciate him. I mean, for me, if I had a relative like Kevin I would be grateful!  Just saying!  These are a 5 STAR read!
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