Book Report: A Tale Of Two Biddies by Kylie Logan

On The Book Report:
A Tale Of Two Biddies by Kylie Logan
Bea Cartwright and her friends, all in the League of Literary Ladies, work to find the killer of an odd handyman, who had a few enemies. It all takes place on their Lake Erie island of Put-In Bay as the community celebrates the island’s holiday of Bastille Day. The celebration has the same theme as the classic novel, A Tale Of Two Cities, and a contest for look-alikes of the author Charles Dickens, an old band named Guillotine with a prop of the same name!
The plotline seems to mirror the Dickens tale as Bea, her latest guy, Levi and her friends work to solve the murder at hand.
Is well written and has enjoyable characters which provide all the fun and laughter.
I really enjoyed this cozy mystery. As to what the two biddies had to do in the story, you’ll have to read the story yourself. I’m not telling! 5 STARS!

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