Character Quotes: Another one from Janoose The Goose

Character Quotes: from Janoose The Goose by J.D. Holiday

"We had a volunteer farm watch program once, but everyone kept forgetting to be on the look out for problems just like this,"  Austin reminded everyone.
"Well, as long as Janoose is here we can all rest easy knowing she'll sound the alarm,"  Gertie said.
"That's right,"  Catcella said.
Janoose frowned. "Oh, but I won't be here. I have to go home. And the last flight is tomorrow," she told them. "Maybe you can be the security guard here?" Molly said.
"No," Catcella said knowingly, "There is no money for that job."
Book Trailer for Janoose the Goose, a children’s picture book by J.D. Holiday
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