Celebrating Book Lover's Day on 9 August

August 9th is Book Lover's Day! on 9 August!

My Author pals and I are having fun by sharing all the ways we adore reading today. Please join me and my friends listed at the end of this post who as we have a bit of fun sharing our love of reading.

I can read just about anywhere!

In the Garden!
In my favor chair!

With my best pal!

All comfy in my bed!

With my legs up!

Sometimes WHAT I read
 makes me want to drink!

This is one of my favor spots to read in!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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family-friendly link about books in the comments section, and I'll hop over to your blog and celebrate with you!    ~JD

Special thanks to all the artists whose paintings and drawings I used here.


  1. Such a cute idea JD. All comfy in my bed or favourite chair will be where you'll find me reading. Especially as it's winter here and the August winds have well and truly arrived, it's freezing outside!

  2. Thanks, Sandra! We just went through a heat spell, almost 2 weeks. It would be hard for me to turn down your freezing cold weather right now. :D Thanks again, Sandra! ~JD

  3. Love all the pics! I'm inspired to pick up a book and read right now!

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    2. Thanks, Julie! Have a great Blog Hop!!!!

  4. Thank you for your post today J.D.! I love the spot you pick to read, it looks so comforting!
    Happy Book Lovers Day - August 9th!

    Rosie Russell

  5. Love the pictures JD! I often read with one of my cats next to me, who eventually ends up on the book.

  6. I find it comforting to have me dog sit with me. Thanks, Carmela!

  7. Happy Book Lovers Day! Never thought of reading with my legs up in the air like a yoga pose. Must try that one, Jd. Love your garden spot for reading. Did you paint that image? It is stunning!

    1. It's actually comfortable with your knees bent over the bed. :D I'll have to try the yoga pose and let you know.
      That is the picture I told of the reading spot. The image on my cover for my short story collection is a painting of that spot. Thank you so much! That means a lot. ~JD

  8. Hi JD! This is a very fun little blog! I like to read in bed for about an hour before I turn off the lights and zonk out! Happy Book Lovers Day!

    1. Hi Rhonda! I love reading in bed. It's now my favorite spot. Thank you. :D ~JD

  9. Your images tell a beautiful story and do express your love of books!

    Happy Book Lover's Day.

    1. Hi David! Thank you. I loved your blog too! ~JD


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