Celebrating Book Lover's Day on 9 August

August 9th is Book Lover's Day! on 9 August!

My Author pals and I are having fun by sharing all the ways we adore reading today. Please join me and my friends listed at the end of this post who as we have a bit of fun sharing our love of reading.

I can read just about anywhere!

In the Garden!
In my favor chair!

With my best pal!

All comfy in my bed!

With my legs up!

Sometimes WHAT I read
 makes me want to drink!

This is one of my favor spots to read in!

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If you blog about books and reading, post your 
family-friendly link about books in the comments section, and I'll hop over to your blog and celebrate with you!    ~JD

Special thanks to all the artists whose paintings and drawings I used here.

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