Working With Amazon: IN A NUT SHELL

I have heard it said that a year is the life of a book and if that is so then it is the end of my children’s book Janoose the Goose life. It turns out that most of my book’s sales came through Amazon. For a small self publisher Amazon has a lot to offer and most of it free. However, at first I had no idea Amazon would pick up my book so I had to come up with my own plan.
I learned there was no guarantee that Amazon would carry my book even though my POD printer and distributor would be submitting it to Amazon. Adding to this was the fact that I set the discount for distributors and booksellers as low as 25% and set it for no returns meaning I would not have to refund overstocked books, so I felt there was a good chance that Amazon and other online bookstores might not pick up my book.
I made plans to sell the book on my website. I set up a shopping cart, ordered a supply of my books, jiffy envelopes for mailings and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the site and my book on over a hundred search engines so if anyone was looking for my book, it would be found.
I watch daily and even hourly to see for Amazon would take on my book, and on eleventh day my book, Janoose The Goose appeared on Amazon!
This was great. Amazon did it all; they ordered and sold my book. They even direct deposit the sales to my bank account. Now I just had the marketing plan to do, which is daunting on its own.
I started by using my own Amazon account, I did all I could to help sell it. I uploaded my cover image, filled out the author’s profile, added the book’s descriptions, publisher’s notes, I did the Listmania program so customers could see my book with other books children would like to read and filled in as many tags that fit the book’s description at Tags Customers Associate with This Product to help build its presence on Amazon. For Janoose The Goose I added; picturebooks, fox, goose, geese, barnyard, and farm animals. Then when people looked for children’s books on farm animals, Janoose will come up because it is listed in that category.
I lucked out when a reviewer reviewed my book and ADDED that for me to my book’s page on Amazon. I even uploaded the book trailer under add a review. Over the months people who told me they like Janoose the Goose and I asked them to add it to the review area.
I added another picture to the page under the books picture at: Share Your Own Customer Images. I made my book into an e-book for Amazon’s Kindle electric reader by following the instructions and make your book available electronically. I also did Amazon’s LOOK INSIDE program giving readers a nice look at sample pages to help them decide if it’s a book they’d like to buy or read it on the Kindle Reader.
I also did Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought, Frequently Bought Together and then filled is my Author’s Profile under YOUR PROFILE were you can add your website link, reviews of books and items you buy on Amazon and place blog posting about you and the book and more. You find all these Amazon programs on the book’s page.
Amazon resently added Author’s Pages where authors can add their profile, and even upload their BLOG’S RSS feed making this a place authors connect with their readers.
Yes, I LOVE working with Amazon. Amazon leaves me free to do other things. With any luck my book will continue to sell way pass its year mark.
That will keep me happy.

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