An Interview with Award Winning Author, Ica Iova

Author Ica Iova has several Award Winning booksShe Never Got To Say Goodbye, won bronze
Ica Iova
at World's Best Story, 2015, and 
Boundaries, was a finalist at WBS, 2014. In her former life, Ica Lova had a few successful jobs including a former Examiner at, but it’s writing her own stories that lit her fire. Ica believes being passionate is about curiosity, stepping out of comfort zone, pushing your limits, filling the void that you know is there. Ica doesn’t just create stories; she travels with her characters and creates worlds that she wishes existed.

An avid reader, Ica is also a Reader's Choice Official Reviewer. When she is not writing, editing, or marketing, she's a proud wife, mother, and grandmother, with a substantial sense of humor. She loves spending time with her family and pets, shopping for shoes, or just lazing around with a good book.

Hi Ica, 
Thank you so much for being here and telling your writing story to us. I appreciate you being here, my Friend.

What is your book She Never Got To Say Goodbye about, who are the main characters, and how did you come up with this story?
She Never Got To Say Goodbye is a two-part paranormal romantic thriller. 
The main characters are Brandon—a successful lawyer, and Olivia an aspiring lawyer, fresh out of law school. They meet, they fall in love, they marry, and they have a baby. But their happily-ever-after ends abruptly when Brandon falls prey to alcohol and drugs following the tragic death of a client. One minute Olivia is thinking of leaving the marriage, the next she floats at the foot of her son’s bed. Dead. Murdered. Confused and angry, she comes back to find justice for her premature death.

I can’t tell for sure where the idea behind She Never Got To Say Goodbye came from. I woke up one morning with the phraseShe Never Got To Say Goodbye, swirling around my mind. It could’ve been the remains of a dream, it could have been something that I’ve heard somewhere, I’m not sure. As the day went by and the words continued to hammer my previously quiet thoughts, my writer’s mind kicked in, and as a plot began to sprout inside my skull, involuntarily, I started to take mental notes. I’m glad I did because, in 2015, She Never Got To Say Goodbye won third place at World’s Best Story.

Ica, tell us about your other books; Boundaries, Resilience – The Sequel, Unsung Victims – The Prequel, Whispers.
Boundaries is a romantic thriller that was a finalist at WBS 2014. 
Gabriela Parson joins a prestigious law firm in Vancouver expecting the usual discomfort of starting a new job. Instead, she is faced with her one-night stand from years ago—none other than her new boss—Landon Godchild. 
Old sparks reignite, but Gabriela has principles and one dating rule: absolutely no office romance. Landon, in contrast, is determined to continue what they started if only he could convince Gabriela that rules are meant to be broken. But an anonymous letter brings his efforts to a halt and sends Gabriela searching for the truth. 
Up against the unknown, she must navigate through a minefield of frustration, fear, and mistrust as her pursuit for innocence propels her deep into a bizarre vortex, where reality blurs into illusion, and evil looms in the shadows. 
The question remains; is any love strong enough to withstand such dynamics?

Whispers, is a short novella in the chick-lit genre. 
Sofia Bellrosi wakes up in the hospital following a car accident which kills both her parents; she has amnesia, a string of unexplained nightmares, and a husband she doesn’t remember. She wants answers but what she finds are more questions. 
Adrift in a marriage she can’t remember, Sofia struggles to understand where her nightmares come from, and why they are mingled with sensual dreams about her husband. Sure, she knows their story, but it’s a story told by Marcus, and his memories are not hers. Some pieces from his story seem to be missing, and Sofia believes that somehow he, her nightmares, and the missing pieces are all connected.

Unsung Victims – The Prequel is drama surrounding divorce and all the craziness that goes with it. 
During divorce people behave in a way that they wouldn’t normally behave under any other circumstance, and the family courts are simply not equipped to deal with these situations. Johanna is a successful, career-focused, young woman who considers herself intelligent and well-educated. Louis is the youngest detective in the police force, who takes part in triathlons and eats multi-color vegetables with his lunch. Two ordinary people with both feet planted firmly on the ground, but once Johanna makes the decision to part ways, all hell breaks loose, because Louis is not the forgiving type. He uses his power and the couple’s children to punish Johanna. Add to the mix a conniving mother-in-law and lawyer determined to win at all costs, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Resilience – is The Sequel to Unsung Victims. 
After years of court battles over custody of their young children, Johanna finally wins in court, but her joy is short-lived. Louis is found dead, his girlfriend is missing, and Johanna is the prime suspect. To top it all off, the detective working the case is Louis’ old partner and he’s not even looking for another suspect. Johanna’s only chance is to hire a highly skilled attorney, and the best she knows is a man from her past, but who likely despises her. 
The question is, will he set aside his contempt to defend her? And then, if she didn’t kill Louis, who did?

Resilience hit Amazon UK top 100 bestselling list in the first couple of weeks of publication.

When did the storyteller in you surface and you began writing them down?
I think God has blessed me with the power of story-telling from a very young age. I always wrote various stories—some I completed, some are still collecting dust—but I chickened out and never thought of publishing any of them until 2012, when I finally decided to give it a try. 

What was your ambition for your writing career to start with, and what is it now?
For the longest time, I wrote because I loved to write without setting any goals. I chose the path most traveled and worked for a paycheck. After I began publishing and received positive feedback from my readers, I dreamed of adding award-winning author to my resume. Now that I have accomplished that, I’m working on adding best-selling author to my author bucket list. 

What is the plotting process for your stories like?
I’ve authored a total of 10 books and not a single one of them followed my direction. In other words, I plot but not obsessively; when my characters take charge, I simply go with the flowI’m, by the writing world’s definition, a platnser.

Who gave you help and guidance along the way?
My family, especially my husband, were—are—my biggest cheerleaders, but when it comes to guidance, I have my group of author friends—Lisa Vandiver, Linda Barton, Taabia Dupree, Carrie Vaught, and of course my talented editor, Sandra Kay, whose combined, invaluable advice helps polish my stories to a crazy shine.

What has been your most rewarding experience in your publishing journey?
Every day, every story, every new experience is rewarding in its own way, but I’ll never forget the feeling when the announcement was made that She Never Got To Say Goodbye won the award. I think I jumped before I even registered why.

Besides the stories themselves, do your books convey themes or messages?
Each one of my books brings to life captivating relationships that embrace family with all its ups and downs. The intended message is that genuine relationships are not only about what goes on in the bedroom. Genuine relationships need attention and effort, and yes, all actions have consequences.

Is there pressure knowing that readers are eagerly awaiting your book's release?
Of course, but I have learned my lesson not to rush. Quality over quantity will always be appreciated by readers.

What advice would you give your younger self starting out?
Do what you love doing. Life is too short to worry about what others might think or say.

Was there any particular book or author who influenced you?
Stephen King is my hero.

Who do you read?
I am an avid reader, but I love everything romantic best. Right now I’m reading Bridge Back—a hilarious, well-plotted, hard to put down, Christian romantic suspense by bestselling author Stephanie Parker McKean.

What is your next project?
I just finished writing another paranormal romance titled, Angelic Measures. This one is about a handsome doctor who doesn’t believe God exists, a best-selling author, who thinks all men do is make a mess and leave the toilet seat up, and a little angel who is determined to prove them both wrong.

 Thank you so much, Ica for coming on my blog. I'm honored!
Sincerely, JD

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