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Julie Hodgson 
Julie Hodgson is the author of many books for children - both novels and picture books.  Julie has travelled all over the world as a children's writer and storyteller - including writing children's pages in newspapers as diverse at the Kuwaiti Times and the Dumfries and Galloway Standard. Julie travels around Europe and further afield, where she is always on tour with her promotion of reading to children and visiting numerous schools. She speaks 3 languages, which aids her in communication with children from all walks of life. She now lives in Sweden with her husband John. Her motto is, “Always be the very best you can be.”

Julie Hodgson is one author I truly admire. Her children's stories are thrilling.

Hi Julie,  so glad to get this opportunity to speak with you on my blog. I have many questions your fans would love to know, which includes me!

What is Lilly Peppertree, Lilly's Spell about?
Lilly is about a 10 year old girl who lives in Pendle (Lancashire ) in 1612, witches are hanged at the hanging tree and fear about witches is rife.  Lilly Peppertree loses her beloved mother to what she is told is an accident, but after living with her grandfather for some time, Lilly begins to have dreams about her mom. These dreams prompt her to follow a verbal message left behind; find a crow’s feather and locate a spell book. Young Lilly also learns about the Dying Tree, where accused witches are hanged, and witnesses a witch trial in town where an obviously innocent woman is sentenced to death. Lilly then begins her own journey, making potions and fulfilling a destiny of non-evil witchcraft. But there is a girl in town who wants nothing more than to accuse innocent people of witchcraft, and Lilly meets some unexpected complications that threaten to tear apart what is left of her family.
When did the storyteller in you surface and you began writing them down?
I was 9 years old when I started writing short stories and poems in my note book.

How long does it take you to write and publish a book from your first idea to its finish?
About 18 months. 

How important has all you travels meant to your stories?
I have seen a lot on my travels, and it defiantly gives me ideas, I am a people watcher and gets many characters from the people I see in airports. restaurants etc.

Jodie and the Library Card won the your 2014 New Apple Award. Where does sit in your house?
In a glass cabinet at the back.. don't want to be a show off, but feel very proud of it.

What draw you to writing for children?
When I lived in Libya, English books were banned, so I wrote (in secret) books for the kids, it grew from there. I also worked for the times in Kuwait, two children's stories every week.

Do your books usually convey a theme or message? 
yes always.... to be kind, good, honest and steadfast..

Julie, do you write in any other genre?
Yes I wrote a crime thriller under my nome de plum. Approaching zero by R.T.Broughton

Tell us about some of your other books you want readers to know about?
I write in 2 languages, Swedish and English. Some of them are bilingual which is great for classrooms and libraries.

What was your ambition for your writing career to start with, and what is it now?
I just wanted to write..that was it.  and still is to this day
What advice would you give your younger self starting out?
Always persevere, never give up and believe in yourself.

Was there any particular book or author who influenced you? 
When I was little I read all of Enid Blytons books, I love the poetry of John Keats and Charles Dickens.

Who do you read?
I read a plethora of titles, from sci fi  to thrillers. I like reading Chris Kusnezski and anything to do with the knights templar's.

What is you next project?
My next project is to writs a Christmas story I have started and the next Lilly Peppertree. 

Thank you so much, Julie for coming on my blog. I'm honored!
Sincerely,  JD

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