From SCBWI Newsletter: SCBWI Tackles Book Launches for its Members

New from Society Of Children's Book Authors And Illustrators.

SCBWI has decided to help authors get more exposure by helping them with marketing. I think this is a positive step for members and one I have been waiting for. SCBWI said they with be marketing for it's members driving traffic to the site.

In December they will start throwing Book Launch Parties. The first one on December 1st. In 2016, there will be three, one  in the Spring,  Fall And Holiday. Authors can purchase a page for $25 and add your own content.

SCBWI adds: 

"I hope that if you’ve had a book published in 2015, you will create a Book Launch Party page. (LOG IN to and click MY BOOK LAUNCH PARTY on your profile page.)  If you have a book coming out in the spring, sign up for the Spring Book Launch Party as soon as it’s available.
If you don’t have a book coming out, then come and visit the parties.  Don’t worry, we’ll send you an invitation soon.  Look for it!  And come visit again and again.  Buy books.  Support your community!  Remember, we need to be the rising tide that floats ALL our books.   All books matter." 
Children's authors and illustrator have NEW hope and help for book sells!

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