JD Holiday talks with author S.L.Smith about her mysteries, Blinded by the Sight & Running Scared. 

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Author S.L. Smith has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a doctorate in public administration. Coursework for those degrees contributes to her writing. After thirty-two years in public safety, working with police and fire, and doing volumes of technical writing, she retired and became a full time writer. No longer handcuffed to a forty-hour work week, she continues working as many hours as previously shared between her professional and “leisure” writing. Publishing family memoirs helped fine tune her research skills, and taught her to contact everyone in the book for answers. The connections formed through the memoirs persist and are, thankfully, an important segment of her readership. Blinded by the Sight was published in 2011 and Running Scared was published in 2013.

Blinded by the Sight~ Police investigators Pete Culnane and Martin Tierney are as different as parchment and newsprint, and Martin’s insecurities are fed by Pete’s expertise and finesse. A homeless man wearing an eye-popping diamond ring is as inexplicable to both of them as the disappearance of the two boys who reported his body on St. Paul’s Upper Landing. Blinded by the Sight demonstrates how good intentions can go awry, resulting in unintended, life-altering predicaments.

Running Scared: The Second Pete Culnane Mystery~ Nick Rice knows someone is after him. He doesn’t know who, and he doesn’t know why. Efforts to determine either or both are unsuccessful. This morning, during his daily run, he concocts a sure-fire solution. For the first time in weeks, he relaxes.
St. Paul investigators Pete Culnane and Martin Tierney are together again. They must determine if a horrific crash on Wheelock Parkway was accidental or deliberate. Their step-by-step investigation uncovers secrets that leave more than one person running scared.

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