From Getting Indie Authors Into Libraries - An Interview with Mitchell Davis of BiblioBoard


Getting Indie Authors Into Libraries - An Interview with Mitchell Davis of BiblioBoard

When you want to know where to sell your ebooks, availability is always king. Why do you want your book on the Kindle store? Because Kindles are everywhere. Why do you want to be on the iBook store? Because iBooks is is available on over 800 million iOS devices. So when BiblioBoard say they want to help indie authors reach a network of over 2500 participating libraries, every single indie author should be paying attention. 
Part of their strategy for this comes back to two big ideas we’ve encountered across conversations with authors and entrepreneurs. First they offer curation that helps buyers, whether they’re readers or librarians, find the kind of books they’re looking for. Second, they’re helping to normalise independent publishing, giving indie authors an equal footing with traditionally published authors, and of course by getting their books into new spaces like public libraries.
Mitchell Davis is the founder and chief business officer of BiblioLabs, the creators of BiblioBoard. We spoke to Mitchell about why they started BiblioBoard, and how they’re going to help introduce the work of self-published authors to libraries across first America, and eventually the world. 
Mitchell Davis is a publishing and media entrepreneur. He was a founder in 2000 of BookSurge the world’s first integrated global print-on-demand and publishing services company (sold to Amazon in 2005 and re-branded as CreateSpace)   He is founder & chief business officer of BiblioLabs the creators of BiblioBoard. BiblioBoard is an award-winning App and web ecosystem that launched in March 2013 with the firm belief that if libraries can affordably create user-experiences that compete with those of consumer companies like Amazon and Apple, it will create a more lucrative institutional sales model for publishers and transform information access for society. Today they work with thousands of libraries, archives and publishers around the world in pursuit of that vision.

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