A Review of When Fates Collide...Arm Candy by Yvonne Mason and Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, IN A NUTSHELL!

 When Fates Collide...Arm Candy by Yvonne Mason and Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc IN A NUTSHELL!

When Fates Collide...Arm Candy gives you a look, with a comical view, inside the bounty hunting business. Although they might seem an unlikely duo, these two women, Alex and Hope, like each other which is just what they need in order to work in the world they find themselves in. Their partnership make their job look easy. It's far from all business adding to the laughs as Alex and Hope join forces with others from all walks for life as they travel from New Orleans, where Alex swears the best coffee on the planet is, to St. Maarten to get their jumpers, the two criminals who jumped their bail. Their adventure keeps the story moving just the way I like it. So, while it's cold outside this winter, my advice is to go with Alex and Hope as they take you with them to the warm and sunny island of St. Maarten for a bit of fun!

When Fates Collide...Arm Candy is the third in this series following When Fates Collide and When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound.


Yvonne Mason's site: 

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc's site: http://advanscoyoc.blogspot.com/

That's When Fates Collide...Arm Candy: In A NutShell!
Enjoy!                                          ~JD Holiday

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