This week I'm on One Writer's Journey with Penny Ehrenkranz! Please stop by! ~JD

 This week I'm on Penny Ehrenkranz blog! Please stop by! ~JD

We talk about my children's picture book, The Spy Game, plus I will giveaway a copy to one person who leave contact information in their comment at the end of the interview~

The Spy Game

GIVEAWAY?:  Please leave contact information in your comment to be considered for a copy of The Spy Game.

Please tell me how long you've been writing, and why you decided to become a writer.
In 1983 I started writing when a friend asked me to read a few pages from a historical romance she was writing. I told her what I thought about it and she asked me to help her write the book. We did finish it and sent it to an agent who was kind and sent the manuscript back with a detailed account of what was wrong with it. My friend went on to other things while I found that I loved writing and did not want to stop. I’ve been writing for years now. READ THE Rest


  1. What a fun story for my grandson! The idea of a dog that just stares is so true, (we have one) and so funny.

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      Please leave your comment on at:

      To maybe WIN a free copy! :D

      Thank you so much!


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