Independent Publishing NEWS: Comics for Kids Are Hot at Comic-Con 2013 by Brigid Alverson | Jul 25, 2013

Comics for Kids Are Hot at Comic-Con 2013 

While superheroes and zombies may have dominated the show floor at Comic-Con in San Diego this past weekend, publishers of comics and graphic novels for children and young adults brought plenty of excitement to the show, with announcements of new titles as well as digital deals. From Viz Media's relaunch of its children's imprint to Archie's first zombie comic and Papercutz’s team-up with the WWE, publishers had plenty of news to share.
Viz Media has announced a new imprint for its children’s comics, which were previously grouped under the Viz Kids imprint for print and the “sticky DOT comics” app for digital. Viz is best known as a manga publisher for older readers (their properties include the digital Shonen Jump magazine and the top-selling series Naruto), but as Beth Kawasaki, senior editorial director for children’s publishing at Viz, explained, its children’s line is more diverse. “Perfect Square will be the overarching brand for both the print and the digital,” Kawasaki said. "Everything in the Viz Kids catalog is coming over, and we will continue to bring over strong brands and properties from Japan, but we have these new things as well.” The Viz Kids titles include Pokemon and Legend of Zelda, which will share the imprint with original graphic novels based on licensed properties such as Hello Kitty, Ugly Dolls, Ben 10: Omniverse, Monsuno, and Max Steel. In October, Viz will debut Pokemon Pocket Comics,chunky black-and-white books in a format similar to their Pokemon Pocket Guides that will feature gag comics, puzzles, and trivia.  
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