CEO of Barnes & Noble, Mitchell Klipper, sold 67% of his stocks, including the Nook unit! Now What for B&N?

 What will happen to Barnes and Noble now? 

B&N has invested heavily in its Nook e-readers as we all started buying all our e-books and books online. I, as a reader and an author who has my books for sale at B&N, just can't imagine a world without B&N!

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DEAD BUT STILL KICKIN'! Ten Other Posthumously Discovered Novels Salinger isn't the only one BY HILLARY KELLY


 If the reports are true, and J.D. Salinger’s estate is about to release five never-before-seen novels by the famously reclusive author, the literary world may be set to receive its biggest posthumous bounty since Emily Dickinson’s sister happened upon that trunk full of poems. As many have long suspected, Salinger may soon join the long, illustrious line of novelists’ whose work continues to emerge long after they depart this world. Here, ten of the most remarkable posthumously published novels in history:



An autobiographical novel aimed at understanding his own father’s death, the ironically titled A Death in the Family was seven years in the making but still incomplete when James Agee died in 1955. Two years later, it was published to alleviate the financial strain Agee’s family facedand then went on to win the 1958 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.



Usually recognized as Jane Austen’s earliest completed novel, Austen sold Northanger Abbey for ten pounds in 1803, but it languished in the hands of her editor for nearly ten years. Eventually, Austen raised the funds to buy back the manuscript, which remained unpublishedalong with Persuasionuntil 1817. The rest, as we know, is history.

38% of Readers Will Finish a Book No Matter What! by Jason Boog

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Digital reading: not so discreet after all… E-readers are virtual gold mines for data-hungry corporations. So should we be worried? by James Bridle

E-readers are virtual gold mines for data-hungry corporations. So should we be worried? 

As recent weeks of revelations have shown, there's a pretty wide gap between our expectations of privacy, and the privacies that an increasingly digitised world actually affords us. Whatever your feelings about your own privacy, the complexity and opacity of technology means it's often hard to know exactly what information you might be sharing at any given time. And while browsing in a local library, buying a book – with cash – on the high street, and reading at home or on the bus are pretty anonymous activities, as soon as ebooks are involved they're not.
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JD's Children's radio show, IT's Story Time's Latest Shows and Books

It's Story Time is NOW on BOOK GARDEN RADIO! ~Book Garden Radio brings you It's Story Time: an International Children's Reading Radio Shows; and The Authors' Words: where you will hear authors read their favorite part from their book. Q & A to follow. ~~ It's Story Time airs live two to three times a month 10/11AM est, 9/10AM cst, 8/9AM mst and 7/8AM pst ~~As Always, the show is FREE. No codes or coupons and you don't need to click to another site. The shows are here, so sit right back and listen live at show time or on demand at anytime you like at BLOG TALK RADIO. ~~~

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8-10-13 ~ Truthy Ruthy by Sari Barel; I Really Love You, Ava by Amberly Kristen Clowe, plus Agy Wilson with Book Picks:Hey Charleston! By Anne Rockwell

8-3-13 ~ The Adventures of Boots:The Giant Snowball by Linda Black,  READ BY JAN BRITLAND Marlow and The Monster by Sharon Cramer on Book Garden Radio

7-20-13 ~ Janoose The Goose and The Spy Game by JD Holiday on Book Garden Radio~

7-13-13 ~Aaron Apple and the Rain by JM Carydice & Kangaroo Clues by Margot Finke & Book Picks with Author Agy Wilson at Book Garden Radio~ 

Independent Publishing NEWS: Comics for Kids Are Hot at Comic-Con 2013 by Brigid Alverson | Jul 25, 2013

Comics for Kids Are Hot at Comic-Con 2013 

While superheroes and zombies may have dominated the show floor at Comic-Con in San Diego this past weekend, publishers of comics and graphic novels for children and young adults brought plenty of excitement to the show, with announcements of new titles as well as digital deals. From Viz Media's relaunch of its children's imprint to Archie's first zombie comic and Papercutz’s team-up with the WWE, publishers had plenty of news to share.
Viz Media has announced a new imprint for its children’s comics, which were previously grouped under the Viz Kids imprint for print and the “sticky DOT comics” app for digital. Viz is best known as a manga publisher for older readers (their properties include the digital Shonen Jump magazine and the top-selling series Naruto), but as Beth Kawasaki, senior editorial director for children’s publishing at Viz, explained, its children’s line is more diverse. “Perfect Square will be the overarching brand for both the print and the digital,” Kawasaki said. "Everything in the Viz Kids catalog is coming over, and we will continue to bring over strong brands and properties from Japan, but we have these new things as well.” The Viz Kids titles include Pokemon and Legend of Zelda, which will share the imprint with original graphic novels based on licensed properties such as Hello Kitty, Ugly Dolls, Ben 10: Omniverse, Monsuno, and Max Steel. In October, Viz will debut Pokemon Pocket Comics,chunky black-and-white books in a format similar to their Pokemon Pocket Guides that will feature gag comics, puzzles, and trivia.  
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