How To: Twitter! by Joseph Eastwood

This is the best article I've read about Twitter. Start reading it here and go over to Joseph Eastwood's blog to finish.

How To: Twitter! by Joseph Eastwood 

We all want to know how to get more followers, or get more people to read our tweets. We want those favourites and those retweets, and we want to be people who are asked questions about our respective fields. In this case, writing... and probably for a lot of you guys as well as I'd say that most, if not all, of my readership is made of writers.

So, if you're not familiar with Twitter, here's the basic gist of it.

Twitter is a social networking site that offers microblogging, which is where you are only allowed 140 characters to write a post, or as it's called, a tweet. With these 140 characters you are able to hashtag (#), mention (@), and link to images, websites, etc.

Use of Twitter

For a writer, the main use of Twitter is to promote. Please do not mistake promotion for spam. Promotions are usually for blog posts, competitions, etc. although you do see a lot of "buy my book [insert Amazon link]" tweets, and that's called spam, although a way around that would be informing people of a new release, a price change, a new review etc.

I'll list some Twitter etiquette for you.

Beg people to buy your book.
DM (direct message) them with a link to your book.

Write a clear bio. (The Twitter Bio below!)
Thank people for RTs and follows.


An essential element in any Twitter-er's diet, in fact, anywhere you go online you'll see these little gems of connective tissue. This is how you FIND content and also put content out there on the web. Only the people who follow you will see your tweet if you don't use a hashtag, but if you do, and you use one well, your tweet has the potential to reach thousands more people.

There are different types of hashtags. There's the interactive tags, which people use to have conversations through, and this is something that a lot of TV shows are now using so that the people watching can tweet their thoughts. I know that I use this A LOT, especially when watching shows like Big Brother.

Interactive Hashtags for Writers
These tags are all hyperlinked to take you right to Twitter and show you examples of the tags in use!
#amwriting - #amediting - #amreading
#wordcount - #writegoal - #writetip - #writingprompt
#WriterWednesday - #WW - #MondayBlogs
#FollowFriday - #FF (also flash fiction) - #FridayFlash - #flashfiction
#pubtip - #promotip - #authorRT
Current fav: #1k1hr attempting 1,000 words in 1 hour!
#NaNoWriMo (November) - #CampNaNoWriMo (April & July)

There are hundreds more hashtags that you can choose from. Perhaps a genre hashtag, so just put a hashtag before your genre. Or, go for something with a title, for instance #writer or #author, and that is one way you can find people and follow them.

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  1. Thanks J.D. for this tutorial, so many authors need to read this. I get the "buy my book" plea every day in my Twitter feed. It's usually the same authors again and again. It's become such a joke that there was a topic at a recent publishing conference called, "The Most Annoying Authors on Twitter."

  2. Hi Rachel!

    I agree with everything you said. And I get those post too! Sometimes I feel sorry for those people but is it annoying. :D
    Karina Gioertz first posted this article on WriteMinds. I knew some of this stuff but not most. lol
    Joseph has a way with words. I understood his instructions.



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