How I Make My Picture Books: Part I, Getting Ready

First of all I make sure that my manuscript is well edited and ready.

You will need to know who your printing company will be beforehand and understand all their guidelines, margins, fonts and all the printer's requirements.

Next, I resize all my images and make sure they are in TIFF format which works best, I've found in Indesign. I use a few art programs to do my artwork in and resize them. They are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Painter Essentials and Corel PaintShop Pro. I use each one for whatever the program does best.

(NOTE: my images and dates are not in order which does not matter for this preview)

To start with, here, I am using PaintShop Pro to resize images and add frames, edges and borders to some of them to neaten them up.

Here, I'm using EFFECTS, then choosing EDGE EFFECTS for this image.

1. Here, I'm using IMAGE> PICTURE FRAME.
2. Here you see there are a number of choices.

For printing books your printer will need the resolution or DPI /Dots Per Inch to be 300 DPI or 600 DPI.  I always scan in my images at 300 DPI. A higher DPI means a higher quality print, image or screen resolution. (NOTE: Also know, that the larger the images the more space each image will need on your computer for storaging them. This is important to know because the more high resolution images on you drive can stop some programs from running due to limiting usable space on the hard drive.)

I pick the size of each image due to the size page that it will fit on in my book.

Making sure the images are at least 300 dpi or higher.

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How I Make My Picture Books: Part II

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