Pell Shade and The Mysterious Paper written by Christy Condoleo: IN A NUT SHELL!

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Pell Shade and The Mysterious Paper written by Christy Condoleo
~Reviewed by JD Holiday 6-28-12

~ The socially awkward Pell Shade liked nothing more than staying in her darken room nursing her allergies, asthma, reading, and longing for a pet she could not have. Her Aunt Syne is about to change all that. She knew just the place to find the prefect gift for Pell. 
The mysterious Rare Finds Shoppe is overstuffed with odd treasures like a large rock from the road less traveled and other weird things that are only sold to the right person.  It’s guarded by trolls and mischievous spirits and all patrons are welcomed by their own musical bird chimes. And to add to it, is its strange guardian, Gampi Raido who knew just what Aunt Syne was looking for before she did.
When Pell’s Aunt Syne brings her the thick stack of colored paper it looks like nothing more than a boring gift! It isn’t long before she learns that with the right book, one that tells more than you read in it, and some special words she has an extraordinary present no ordinary child should play with.
It’s not long before a man known as Awl Blott comes for Pell’s gift that he said is his and the unbelievable happens. With the questionable aid of a rude and infuriating boy, and his vulnerable sister, who has a fear of water yet pledges to help Pell as a spellbinding adventure begins.
Christy Condoleo
For young teens, Pell Shade And The Mysterious Paper is a clever and imaginative tale. Along with Pell’s mystery the story is charming and a fascinating read for most everyone. Christy Condoleo’s next installment will be eagerly awaited!                                    

That's  Pell Shade And The Mysterious Paper by Christy Condoleo: IN A NUT SHELL!   
 ~JD Holiday

Christy Condoleo's site:
Christy Condoleo is the author of 7 books:  her first book, Gasgeil's Bravery -- a 32 page children's picture book and two time winner of American Author's Association's Silver Quill Award, The Spirit Feather, The One Sock Princess, Something Greater Than Fear, Tyme’s Hope and Fragments of the Key, Eala's Misfit.

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Christy Condoleo


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