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LEFTOVERS is anything but leftovers! From beginning to end it has a neatly skilled and clever plot twist. You certainly don’t need to have lived in 1950s America to enjoy this novel.  The settings and mores are all there for you to see in this well-written story about life as it was back then.
Arthur Wooten
No matter what decades you’ve live through you might have experience some of what Vivian has. Through a mix of drama and comedy you see Vivian, a sweet and kind person, rise above all that threatens to keep her down including marital problems and a heartless mother, come to realize she needs to do what she needs to do to control her own life and make it what she wants it to be.
We all know someone like her or have been where she has been, and like all of us, Vivian needs a good friend or two for support. She finds no better friends than the brother and sister duo of Stew and Babs. Babs is always ahead of the game and willing to share her knowledge with her childhood friend.  While Stew just might be the right guy for Vivian. At first I didn’t think Stew was the right guy, but slowly, long before Vivian knew, I came to see that he was a perfect one for her.
Having read other stories by this author I have to say again Arthur Wooten knows storytelling.

Arthur Wooten is a critically acclaimed novelist and playwright.  His novels include Birthday Pie, and On Picking Fruit, and Fruit Cocktail and WISE Bear William: A New Beginning, a children’s book. (reviewed by JD Holiday)

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