Review of The Christmas Village: In A NUT SHELL!


The Christmas Village 
by Melissa Ann Goodwin 

      Young teen, Jamie Reynolds’ father does an illegal business deal which turns Jamie’s world into turmoil. Ashamed to face his so called friends and gossiping neighbors, Jamie and his mother need to get away and head for comforting surroundings of his grandparent’s home for what they hope is a peaceful Christmas.
Grandma’s decorations for Christmas include a miniature village from 1932 and Jamie’s mother tells him the story about the village and it’s earlier time and place.
        He wishes he could go and live in this truly enchanted time where no one knew his problem.
       Late one night he hears the voice of a young girl and finds the two children in the village scene in trouble on its miniature pond. Jamie quickly moves to save these tiny characters who have amazingly come to life and he finds himself physically drawn right into the small village of Canterbury. Jamie has a remarkable adventure, but it’s not long before his wishes to be back in his own time with his mother and grandparents.
Melissa Ann Goodwin 
The Christmas Village is a story for everyone! It is a well written story which moves and intertwines through the character’s history together. This story is destine to become a Christmas classic and will make a wonderful Christmas movie.

Melissa Ann Goodwin has written many stories, poems and articles for children's magazines, and her non-fiction work has appeared in national magazines and newspapers. For more about Melissa Ann Goodwin visit: 

That's  The Christmas Village by Melissa Ann Goodwin, In A Nut Shell!

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Review of UGLY TO START WITH by John Michael Cummings, In A NUT SHELL!


UGLY TO START WITH tells the story of a teenage boy, Jason Stevens whose life is anything but comfortable. His family is not well-off, not unlike many of the people around them in Harbors Ferry. Jason is sometimes treated unfairly by those around him. His mother is kind and guiding, but his father is eccentric and callous towards Jason.  
The author has made Jason a vivid character. You see his curiosity lead him into new and even foreign experiences where he stays for the excitement. He learns the hard truths from the imperfections of others about life itself. He is smart enough to realize he is not much better than his abusers when he does to them or others what was done to him. I enjoyed this book immensely, yet cringed at Jason’s sometimes harsh reality.  At other times it was like being there with him through my own upbringing. By the end I felt sure that Jason would find his way in life.  
I love short stories and writing them myself.  I enjoy the challenge of compacting all that is needed to tell one. Through this collection of short stories, John Michael Cummings has a well written and memorable novel.
This book is not for everyone because of some risky subjects. A good read for adults.

John Michael Cummings is an American short story writer and novelist. Read more at:
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