A Review of Cosi Fan Tutti by Michael Dibdin: In A NUTSHELL


I admit I had expectations about Michael Dibdin’s books with Aurelio Zen as the main character. I had been introduced to Aurelio Zen in the PBS Masterpiece Mystery series and loved all the characters which led me to buy other books in the series. In Cosi Fan Tutti, I was disappointed.

In general this story was a good one. Zen is a police inspector who tries to enforce the law in Naples, Italy where crime is part of every level of the police department.

I love the Aurelio Zen character who basically solves crime by stumbling into its resolution.

In this story I feel there was too much use of ‘tell’ not’ show.’ Much of what the reader learns is from a narrative by the author in many areas where a scene would have been so much more enjoyable.

Though Zen’s double identity comes off well, many other characters also have dual identities that are unknown to the reader and fall short of what the reader already believes about them.

I found, on the other hand, the end was somewhat disjointed and ran on longer than it should have.

This all said, I do enjoy Dibdin’s wit and style of writing. Readers can feel the atmosphere and want to keep turning the pages. I will surely read other books in the Aurelio Zen series.

That's Cosi Fan Tutti by Michael Dibdin: In A NUTSHELL
~ J.D. Holiday  :D

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