My Work in Progress! The third picture for my third book, The Spy Game. 8-12-11

I haven't a clue what the background for this picture with be. I'll come up with it though.  :D

Corel Painter has a cool tool called Straight Line Strokes which I used to make the rope in the picture straight in places. For the color I used an orange with high lights in yellow using the scratchboard Tool and then
used a tint blender to mix in the colors.

Using what is called a Scratchboard Tool, much like a fine felt marker, I darken Eddie's hair. For the shirt, I used French
Ultramarine (a blue) :D with a captured bristles brush and used a darken blue with New simple water brush which I shaded the shirt with. I love this brush. You can add shadows to anything with it. You can even add the shaded glass to a pair of sunglasses!

Using Corel Painter Essentials 4, an digital art program, I started with the puppy painting it a mix of yellow ochre, lemon yellow and touches of orange. For Eddie's hair I started with copper. I used a fine camel brush and a tapered camel brush.

This is the original drawing for the third picture.


  1. Awesome! I love that you are showing what it looks like as you go. So cool.

  2. Ah, this is really fun Jan! I'm always fascinated in seeing an artist share their art as it is being developed.

  3. Beautiful blog, stunning artwork. Happy jogging.

  4. Hi - Just cruising around the BlogJog circuit & thought I'd tip my hat to ya. I have a couple of YA books out with a 3rd underway - BUT ... I'm working with an awesome illustrator on a childrens book (Spanky And The Speckled Butterbean) & finding that creating the text is not as easy as I'd expected. Good luck with your work - it's cool that you post the artwork as it develops. 2 Thumbs up.

  5. Hi! I'm your newest follower from Blog Jog Day. I'd love a follow back at ;-)

  6. What a great idea to show your work in progress. I should do the same with my cat cartoons someday.

  7. Stopping by to say hello on Blog Jog Day.

    I'm now following your blog.

  8. How lovely, I have written books for the young that need illustrating but can't afford to pay anyone - so will have to be brave and try this for myself. :0)

  9. So glad you all stopped by! Thank you!!!!!


  10. Eh, JD. Thanks for followin' me, but try this one instead. Haven't done much on the JRA blog. - Thanks a lot. Dave

  11. This is so cool to see it come to colorful life! Thanks for sharing the technique info Jan!


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