Dan Quixote Boy of Nuevo Jersey
by Shevi Arnold ~ IN A NUT SHELL

Sandra Goldberg and Dan Tyler are best friends but they deal very differently with their problems. Dan is an artist and a dreamer who loves to use his imagination while Sandy is serious and sensible. Dan wants to slay the dragons and sing to the princess. Most of the time, Dan is able to imagine the best outcome. While Sandy wants to take the path well trodden and safe. Sandy would much rather go with the flow even though the flow is always changing with new rules at every turn. With high school just around the corner there will be a whole new set if rules. But is it the best choice for her?

Sandy wants to get good grades, grow up and be a lawyer so that one day she can become a judge who can right wrongs taking on those who hurt others. But Sandy and Dan struggle to fit in and not be bullied.
Bullies are all around them, kids their own age, and adults as well. They are made fun of, pushed around, beaten up, and have lies spread about them in the attempt to ruin their reputations while the bully’s followers laugh.

Dan is called the King of the Geeks. Sandy is called the Invisible Girl and is told that she doesn’t actually exist. How can she not believe it?

With lessons learned from all they have read and have heard, these two friends research their enemies and  learn their weaknesses as they try to change things for the better, not only for themselves, but for others around them. Will they find that they are not too small to make a difference? That the pen is mightier than the sword or would the gleaming sword swing down and smash the pen as you might think?
Image of "Shevi Arnold"With Dan Quixote Boy of Nuevo Jersey author Shevi Arnold gives her young readers essential lessons for life and brings new interest to some very important literary classics.
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That's Dan Quixote Boy of Nuevo Jersey:
~ J.D. Holiday

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  1. Ooo, sounds good. I remember not fitting in when I was in school. I will look out for this :)


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