I'll be a guest on Childrens Authors with Fran Lewis+Marsha Cook TOMORROW!

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March 29 4PM EST- 3PM CST -Red River Radio Hosts Fran Lewis and Marsha Cook would like to welcome everyone to the first of four special shows dedicated to children’s authors. This show will feature authors whose books are geared to early childhood student’s grades k-2. Although many of the books can be used as read aloud in any classroom from k-5 the reading levels of these books would be for children in the lower grades. The lessons taught in each of these books can be used in classrooms teaching Character Education, Sunday School Classrooms, for parents to read at night to their children and in libraries or bookstores during story time. This is a special edition for teachers, children, parents, grandparents and anyone that loves to read children’s books and YA books. Red River Radio would like to announce this special edition of Book Discussion with your host book reviewer, author and writer Fran Lewis. This show will feature the best of children’s writing with authors writing in many different genres. Each book will be geared to early childhood children, elementary school students or young adults and teens. The authors will entice readers by telling you about his/her book and reading a short excerpt to really make you want to go out and buy it for your children, grandchildren and friends. School is about to open in some states and has in many others and what better way to get a head start on books needed for research, book reports and just plain fun, by listening to our show, hearing about these great authors and their books and joining in the discussion. The stars of this show are six great authors whose books I have read and reviewed: Linda Nance Concetta Payne Gregg seeley Franny Orenstein Mary Ann Miller JD Holiday.

THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE was up for the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award

My latest book, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE was up for the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award,   but it did not make it to the second round. I want to THANK, SINCERELY all my friends who voted for it!

For those of you who don't know, I publish my books myself.  SCBWI, in the past, has not recognized many self-published books for their contests and I was told that my book wouldn't be in this contest.
But last Saturday, March 12th, 2011, I found that SCBWI had added my book for the award!

 I was PLEASANTLY surprised!  In my opinion, this is really big for them to do. AND this would have been a bigger thing for me if my book win! BUT being nominated has been a REALLY BIG deal for me, TOO!
It says, as my friend, Susan Rundle-Hughes told me, it proves my book is well thought of and, Sue added, loved!

I've heard people who are up for awards say, "It's really great JUST to be nominated."
I can't agree more! I feel wonderful about the support I have recieved!

YES, I have GREAT FRIENDS! Glad I was able to share this with them.

So we won't say anything more about tweeting friends for vote!  (JUST A LITTLE JOKE TO MY FRIENDS! :D)


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The Swim Party

 A Digital Painting: THE SWIM PARTY, In Stages
 by J.D. Holiday

Stage Three

Stage Four

Stage Five


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