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Meet Christy Condoleo: Author, Artist and StoryTeller!

An interview with author and artist, Christy Condoleo. Christy is an imaginative storyteller. She calls herself ‘an extreme daydreamer’ and her creative imagination is to be admired. She is the author of many children’s stories and books that include: FOTK Eala's Misfit, Something Greater Than Fear, Spirit Feathers, Tyme's Hope and Gasgeil’s Bravery and a member of American Author's Association.
Thank you Christy for being on my blog today. Let’s start with; when did you realize you were a storyteller and when did you start writing them down?
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your many projects to interview me! When I was in elementary, I had wanted to make my own comics but sadly never did-I liked the idea of creating something for others to enjoy. In middle school, during a brief time in study hall, I started writing for story. One of my best friends read what I wrote and liked it so much that I kept writing.

How did the publishing of your first story come about?
My sister had read one of my stories and sent me a link to a children’s picture book contest. I’d never thought to write that genre but decided if I was serious about writing I should at least try. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but I didn’t want my story to just be put away. I discovered a wonderful artist on a friend’s website and she came up with some rough sketches for the story. I printed out the sketches, inked them, added a bit to some, and then colored them with my computer program & Wacom tablet. I found Xlibris after researching and Gasgeil’s Bravery was born.

Did anyone in particular inspire you to go to the next step and publish your works? And who is your greatest supporter or supporters?
 My YA novel was my goal to have published first. I actually had thought it would be the first book I published. My very patient and wonderful husband Nick and my friend, illustrator, and second biggest fan, Chris Goguen.

What is the plotting process for your stories like?
 It’s varied. Sometimes a plot will come while I’m on my treadmill (I close my eyes while I’m walking on it so I can visualize things better), sometimes daydreaming, and sometimes in my dreams. I once woke up calling out for one of my characters—it was a bit weird because I was really worried about him.

You have quite a few children’s books and stories out. FOTK Eala's Misfit, Something Greater Than Fear, Spirit Feathers, Tyme's Hope, Gasgeil’s Bravery. Christy, tell us about your stories?

Spirit Feathers is a thought provoking small collection of short stories.

Something Greater Than Fear is a about a little mouse that overcomes her fear by letting something else replace it.

Gasgeil’s Bravery is about a timid mouse that learns that sometimes you can be brave without meaning to.

FOTK Eala’s Misfit is the first in a seven book fantasy series about a girl trying to find where she belongs in a world where she was once exiled from. Her return is more confusing than the past she cannot remember and why is it that everyone is after her? If secrets, Demon Mages, Sirens, golems, and talking wolves aren't enough to deal with then Bowen Wilts is!

My childhood plays a large roll in my creating my stories; does your childhood also play a roll in your writing for children? If so can you tell us how it does?
Yes. When I was young I didn’t really have any playmates so I remember always coming up with stories for my action figures and dolls. When I grew up, I had friends but I always loved finding new ones in books. I love quirky characters with loads of flaws—just like me. So, my characters will never be perfect but you will love them anyways.
What is your daily life like and when do you find time to work on your stories?
Well, once I had a schedule but now….I’m struggling to regain it. I rise Mon-Fri at a bit before 5 and after hitting the snooze button at least 5 times, I treadmill for 30 mins, then after my boys are up/dressed/fed/lunchboxes made/dropped off at school-I write for 30 minutes before heading off to work. I have more time in the afternoon so I try to continue then. On the weekends it’s much calmer so I get more time to write and draw.

I know you design your own promotional materials as well as promoting other authors works, that includes me. What is your overall strategy to sell your books?
I love spreading the word about my friends as much as I do my own—we are all struggling so if I can help someone then I do. Mostly getting my name out there by any means possible. I’ve dropped coloring books (displaying characters from my book and some of my author friends) off at doctor’s offices and even my tax advisor. If people have to wait (and they have kids) then they need something to do and I’ve just the thing! Donating copies of books to schools, libraries, fundraisers, and contests are another way.

Christy, you have served in the United States Air Force. Have you thought about writing a story around you experience in the Air Force?
 Nah. I loved the time I served. It was an experience that I will always treasure-not only because of the wonderful people I met but because of the confidence it gave me. I don’t think I could do that experience justice.

This question leads me to ask, do you write in any other genres?
Yes. I dabble a bit in poetry-you can spot some of the poems in a few of my children’s picture books and also in Mark Wisher’s latest book, How to Impress a Dragon. Spirit Feathers is a collection of general fiction stories. I would love to write a mystery—my mother loved mysteries and I have fond memories of watching PBS’ Masterpiece Theater (particularly Sherlock Holmes) with her.

What do you do to relax?
 I write or draw. They settle me and help me keep from bottling up. I’ve found that when I don’t write, I am become very agitated.

I know you also make jewelry. What type do you make and how did that come about?
I was looking at jewelry charms in a craft section (can’t remember why) and saw some pewter tea charms--one of them was a teapot with a blue bead in the center. A thought popped into my head at how wonderful it would look as an earring and I felt compelled to make it. So I visualized how an earring looked and found the necessary pieces. It was my first pair. I ended up giving the pair to a co-worker that liked tea.
I mostly make earrings (charm kind) but I have made bracelets (one was a gift and the other for a fund raiser).

Where can people buy your jewelry?
I have an online store and I also sell them to business associates. I use the profits to help fund my book projects.

Thank you again, Christy, for doing this.
 No, thank you!! I appreciate all your help with getting word out about my books. The interview was fun—you did an excellent job.

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