REVIEWER Fran Lewis says~ "...This is definitely a FIVE SNOWMAN BOOK! Let’s hope
the author brings Wil and Bud and her friends back in another
This book should be in every school library, guidance counselor’
s office, public library, police youth groups, public libraries and
of course my own..."

Reviewer Wayne S. Walker from HOME
Snowball Escapade “a heart-warming story about the
importance of understanding the problems of others and
treating them as we would like to be treated…”

From KidsRead, Book reviewer and librarian,
Nancy Mossmore
“…an entertaining read for emergent readers that includes a
lesson about compassion and judging others. Because of that
lesson, I would suggest that teachers in first through third grade
use this as a read-aloud in class.” AND “…As a librarian, I
would add this book to pathfinders about bullying and

From author Terri Forehand: “…This book is a story
which includes characters who face a bully, make judgments
without facts, and learn to get along together…” AND “…The
characters are likeable and the theme is a common one among
peers- learning to trust, get along, and compromise. Young
readers will enjoy the story and leave with the satisfaction that all
is not what it seems. I give the story a thumbs up…”

Editor Jason Toupence at One Zillion
Books: “…my daughter and I have been reading a little
each night before bed and we have enjoyed it…” …” AND
“…I think this is a very important story to read with your
children. Seeing others through a different perspective can really
shed some light on what makes them act the way they do. Just
because someone has some bad traits, doesn't make them a bad

From The Maggie Project: “…J. D. Holiday
delivers just the right amount of suspense to entice children to
turn the pages…” AND “…Perfect for six to eight year old
readers and loaded with black and white illustrations, the story
shows the effect of bullying and the value of understanding
another’s point of view…”

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth at
Adolescent Girls Blog
…“This is a great book about how to deal with mean siblings
and kids. It offers kids great lessons about how to cope with
bullying-types of behaviour and mean kids. These are important
lessons for kids to learn. Siblings can have a difficult time getting
along. Many kids will be able to relate to the issues in this book.
I really enjoyed getting to know J.D. Holiday and her writing
life. She’s such an inspiration to me being a writer myself. I hope
you have followed her tour and learned more about her writing
process and books…”

Written by Author and Illustrator Carolyn Watson-
"...this book the Great Snowball Escapade struck a chord..."
AND "...Life is full of changes and so often they are
challenging ones. This is the story of Wilhemena Brooks, a
little girl who's life has hit a bit of a rough patch and her
cousin, Bud Dunphry, who's in more of a tailspin. Together
they discover that their new life together can be okay,
maybe even good. It's a simply told story with realistic
overtones and is the book to buy for any kid going through a
difficult life change. The illustrations are gritty but
charming and it's a truly engaging novel..."

Books, Books, the Magical Fruit: Author Interview & Giveaway - The Great Snowball E...

Books, Books, the Magical Fruit: Author Interview & Giveaway - The Great Snowball E...: "How long have you been writing and what inspired you to become a writer? I’ve been writing for 28 years, since 1983. My father wrote every..."

January 19, 2011

Author Interview & Giveaway - The Great Snowball Escapade by J.D. Holiday

How long have you been writing and what inspired you to become a writer?
I’ve been writing for 28 years, since 1983. My father wrote every weekend for as long as I can remember though I never thought of writing myself while he was alive. My spelling and grammar problems held me back. I didn’t think I could write because of it, but early one, when I was in the sixth grade, I did write one story on a rainy day and loved it.

In 1983 I started writing when a friend asked me to read a few pages from a historical romance she was writing. I told her what I thought about it and she asked me to help her write the book. We did finish it and sent it to an agent who was kind and sent the manuscript back with a detailed account of what was wrong with it. My friend went on to other things while I found that I loved writing and did not want to stop.

Why did you choose to write for specific genre?
I think I never grew up and my childhood was full of fun and adventure which gives me plenty of situations to put characters in.

Describe your current book in five words or less.
I would say that five words that describe The Great Snowball Escapade are: childhood, adventure, friendships, understanding and fun.

How did the idea for The Great Snowball Escapade come to you?
As a child, every winter day that snow was on the ground I would spend time on the hill in front of the high school near where I lived sledding. This story was inspired by my love of it.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part about writing for me is the editing. Grammar is not my strong point. I have to rely on others to edit for me.

What's the easiest?
The easiest part of writing for me is coming up with my stories and characters. I find that while working out the details of my plot, I also begin to develop my characters. Usually by the time I have the story outlined I also have my characters in place.

What's next for you? 
I have two books I’m working on at the moment. One is a picture book I am now doing the drawings for and then I’ll paint them. It is a story about a boy who wants a puppy but gets a dog that is older. It's what they do together that makes them pals. The other book is a young adult novel titled, ‘Christmas in the City.’ This story about two girls, one with a family and one without and both searching for what is important to them.

Are you currently working on or have plans for future projects?
Yes. Besides the two books I mentioned, I have about four other picture book manuscript already written that I have to do the illustrations for, and a second young adult novel that needs to be written.

What's it like hearing that readers are eagerly awaiting your book's release date?
It’s exciting and thrilling. I love when children tell me they like my stories.

What was your road to publications like?
It wasn’t easy. For many years I submitted my manuscripts to the big publishers getting many rejection letters. Though during all that time I had some short stories and a Chapbook published, some editors were interested in my children’s stories, and I even had an agent for a time, but none of my children’s books made it into print.

In 2002 I decided to try one of those print services, which for me, was a disaster. I had my publicity plan ready to go but the print service had made a mess of my book and the galley was not ready for printing. I tried working with them to fix it, but the next galley had the same problems and the deal collapsed.

At that point, POD publishing, or Print On Demand had come along and was affordable to get books into print. That was when I decided I could do the job better myself and I started my own publishing company, Book Garden Publishing, LLC.

Sue, I want to thank you for having me on your blog. This has be fun!


J.D. Holiday

SUMMARY: In the story, Wilhemena Brooks’ cousin, Bud Dunphry come to live with her family. Wil, as she likes to be called, finds her pink pencil sharpener is missing after Christmas. Wil knows Bud has it! Who else would have taken it?

Bud doesn’t like girls! In fact, Bud doesn’t like anybody. Wil tries to ignore him but he pulls her friends hair, taken over games, and when Bud is in trouble he making his “you’re going to got it” face at her.

After a snowstorm closes school, Wil and her friends go sled riding. Bud shows up and starts a snowball fight which lands Wil in her room for the rest of the day for fighting.

When her pencil sharpener is found, right where she left it, Wil decides she has to try harder to understand her cousin and stay out of trouble. Her mother told her to be nice to Bud and to treat him like she would like to be treated. If Wil treats Bud nicely does that change anything for her? 



Chloe wants to impress Drake, the most popular dragon in school. What makes it even harder is that all the other dragonesses are trying to get his attention, too. Everyone knows that dragons love to be impressed and only like dragonesses who can do cool things! So said Chloe’s best friend, Sarah and her not so best friends, Saraphina, Dilly and Blue.

Sarah and Chloe try to come up with ways for Chloe to get Drake‘s attention. Chloe just doesn’t seen to blew heart shaped smoke like the other Dragoness’ and everyone always seems to notice when she does anything wrong for that matter. How horrible!

Sarah tells Chloe she should try sun kissing that was only played by dragons. Chloe wasn’t sure about this, especially which all the other girls watching. And once again, Chloe is sick and feels foolish when it doesn’t work. Was it going to take a miracle for Chloe to be able to impress Drake?

As we all have something we are better at that others, so does Chloe! Follow Chloe as she learns just what her own unique ability is and learn how Chloe impresses Drake.

Mark Wisher tells a heart warming fairy tale that illustrates we all have something we can do better than others, and THAT something makes us unique with our one brand of fire.
JD Holiday

Mark Wisher a full time writer for children's television, and the author of How to Impress A Dragon, Don't Kiss The Prince and Say Mummy Say Daddy! 

Mark Wisher's website: 
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On Facebook:!/officialmw13

Book Reviewer Fran Lewis Reviews "The Great Snowball Escapade"

The Great Snowball Escapade
 by me: J.D. Holiday

Reviewed by Fran Lewis
Growing up can be difficult enough for kids today but falling prey to a bully’s wiles makes it even harder as Wilhelmina Brooks finds out when her cousin, Bud comes to live with her. Bud’s amusement is at the expense of the others. Wilhelmina, who prefers begin called Wil, takes the brunt of his escapades as he insults her friends, takes ownership of her old sled and becomes the class terror in her second grade class. Even worse, he ruined her Christmas vacation by putting gum in her hair, taking her new sharpener and just being plain old MEAN! What can she do when her mother insists that she has to be nice to him, looks away from his pranks that are not funny and ignores the fact that he is angry at his present situation and more? Poor Wil! Is she going to survive living with Bud? Will he ever learn his lesson or will he become the terror of the second grade and the entire neighborhood? Author J.D. Holiday brings to light the issue of bullying and harassing other kids in her outstanding chapter book: “The Great Snowball Escape.”

To escape means to want to get away from it all. You might want to go on a vacation, trip or just take a walk to clear your head. But, poor Wil, wants to escape her house, her school and her life just to get away from Bud, her mean cousin whose pastime is picking on kids smaller and weaker than him and creating havoc in the second grade and more.
Snow days are every kids dream. A day off from school to play outside, building a snowman and even better throw snowfalls or snowball fights are every kids and even adults idea of fun. But, when Wil and her friends decide to build a snowman in front of her house, what happens disrupts everything and she gets sent to her room as once again she and Bud cannot work or play together.

Wil’s mother wants her to understand that Bud is going through a difficult time and needs understanding. But, how much can she endure and will she have to take before someone realizes that she is only 7 years old and cannot be expected to understand or withstand everything her cousin dishes out. So, when her mother insists they make peanut better cookies together, will they succeed or will they get into a flour and sugar throwing war? Will they be able to work together and finally go outside to play? This reviewer will not divulge that secret to you. You are going to have to read the book yourself.
But, what happens when one bully meets another bully? Who wins or who backs down? While sledding down the huge hill where her friends were, they encounter Drew and his mean dog. Drew thinks that he has the better of Bud and Wil and wants Bud’s sled. What happens next will definitely surprise the reader and one bully might learn a serious lesson from another and two cousins just might become friends.

But, there is more. On the way home Bud and Wil encounter her friends who are gathered around Suzy whose cat, Mimi is missing. Added to that someone destroyed his or her snowman and everyone thinks it was Bud. Just how this story ends and if they find Mimi will not only endear you more to Wil, but will teach children a lesson in loyalty, trust and friendship that every kid needs to understand and learn. Will they get the cat back? Who gets blamed and who really did take it? Who destroyed the snowman? Will Bud and Wil ever see eye to eye and become friends? Author J.D. Holiday has created two characters that are not so different. Wil just wants to be understood and have her mother understand that having Bud stay with her caused some major changes in her life. Bud, just feels like an outcast and might be using his outbursts, and pranks to get attention and tries to get sent home to live with his Dad. Both Bud and Wil need the adults to understand them. Wil’s mother makes one statement that I feel says it all: Treat people the way you want to be treated. Now, if everyone did that maybe there would be no wars, fights or hate in the world. Just what positive things can come out of snowdays: Read this great children’s book and learn for yourself as Wil and Bud teach not only themselves but adults so really important lessons in friendship, understanding, communication and teamwork. This is definitely a FIVE SNOWMAN BOOK! Let’s hope the author brings Wil and Bud and her friends back in another novel.

 This book should be in every school library, guidance counselor’s office, public library, police youth groups, public libraries and of course my own.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer
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