The Maggie Project: Review of The Great Snowball Escapade

The Maggie Project: Review of The Great Snowball Escapade: "The Great Snowball Escapade by J. D. Holiday; illus. by the authorPrimary Book Garden Publishing &n..."

December 12, 2010

Book Review: The Great Snowball Escapade

The Great Snowball Escapade
by J. D. Holiday;  illus. by the author
Primary     Book Garden Publishing     90 pp.
3/10     978-0981861425 $5.99
Wilhelmina, or Wil as she likes to be called, is upset.  Her cousin Bud is now living with her family and she knows that he stole her new pink pencil sharpener.  Bud denies it, but makes little effort in winning her friendship or the friendship of others.  Wil has to find a way to get along with Bud.   But a snowball fight ensues, a friend’s cat is lost, and a bully appears with a scary dog.  What more could go wrong for Wil?  J. D. Holiday delivers just the right amount of suspense to entice children to turn the pages.  Perfect for six to eight year old readers and loaded with black and white illustrations, the story shows the effect of bullying and the value of understanding another’s point of view.

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