A Review of NO REST FOR THE CRANKY PRINCESS, a children's bedtime story by Kathy Stemke: IN A NUT SHELL!

The Cranky Princess has the softest bed in the kingdom but she could not fall to sleep no matter how many times the wizard waved his wand. She was well entertained all night long. The jester’s laugh and the monster size shadows on the walls made her imagine playing with her friends.

Kathy Stemke

It will be the brave ‘Knight’ searching the deep sea, even with a ‘friendly enough’ shark in his way, who would bring a peaceful sleep to our Cranky Princess.

This is an entertaining and clever bedtime story with winsome pictures that will bring sweet dreams to its young listeners.
You can check out 'No Sleep For The Cranky Princess'at NATURE MADE SLEEP BEDTIME STORY CONTEST and VOTE for THE CRANKY PRINCESS.

That’s No Rest for the Cranky Princess by KATHY STEMKE: IN A NUT SHELL!

Review written by JD Holiday


  1. Thanks for hosting me on your blog today JD.

  2. It was a fun read glad to do it. You are welcome, Kathy!


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