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KATHY STEMKE is not only an author but is a ghostwriter, editor, and reviewer DKV Writing 4U and  a contributing editor for The National Writing for Children's Center where she writes a monthly teaching tips column.

1- When did you start writing professionally?
As a teacher and tutor I taught creative writing for many years. About three years ago I won a couple of poetry contests and found myself on Helium, an article site. I sold several of my articles to publishers and was encouraged to start a teaching tips blog. I collaborated with an artist to publish my first ebook on Lulu.

from Moving Through All Seven Days!

2- I know you write a monthly column, 'Tips for Teachers and Parents' at The National Writing for Children's Center. How long have you been working for them?
I’ve been writing for NWCC for a little over a year. I’ve learned several vital writing and marketing skills from the many excellent authors associated with this organization. The Children’s Writing Coaching Club is an outgrowth of this center and a great place for new authors to hone their skills. They have weekly teleseminars on writing techniques and marketing skills, and professional weekly critiques.
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3- As an editor, what advice do you have for writers?
Learn your craft. This includes developing a character with depth, and a plot with conflicts that must be resolved. A good picture book has to be different to get the attention of the public. It must also have lots of unexpected surprises. Get into a good critique group and learn about punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
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4- You also work as a ghostwriter at DRV Writing 4 U. How did you become a ghostwriter and are there books out there "written" by others that have your fingerprints on them?
I joined the team at DKV Writing 4 U in June of 2010 through my associations with Karen Cioffi and Lea Schizas. So far I’ve been editing, writing articles for several websites and writing book reviews. Ghostwriting news posts for websites has been interesting and lucrative. Other members of our team have written books for others.

5- I love your children’s e-book, Moving Through All Seven Days. How much did your background in dance help create the book?My background in dance as well as my teaching in kindergarten helped me create this book, which inspires movement as kids learn the days of the week. Most preschoolers know the names of the days, but have trouble putting them in order and learning how to spell each day. Through rhyme my book conquers these two problems. There are worksheets, phonics practice pages, and coloring pages too. Buy it here:

6- Tell us a bit about your latest books. Trouble On Earth Day
The illustrator, Kurt Wilken, is almost done with the pictures for this book about recycling. Shelby has won a poster contest at school and finds things around the house to recycle. When she hears someone crying outside she goes to see if she can help. She makes a new friend, helps someone in need, and helps the Earth too! Look for it’s debut early in 2011.

7- And, Sh, Sh, Sh, Will the Baby Sleep?
This is my first book with Guardian Angel publishers. The illustrator, Jack Foster, did a fantastic job bringing the main character, Zachary, to life. He is having trouble adjusting to his new baby sister. He runs into trouble keeping her asleep. The fun begins when he puts on his thick black glasses and has super powers. It should come out early 2011.

8- Are you planning to write in other genres as well?Yes. I’m researching a novel now, which will be based on my mother’s life. She was an English War bride who stowed away on a ship with her newborn after World War II to get to America. They were discovered half way across the Atlantic Ocean and turned over to the FBI when they reached Boston harbor. She was instrumental in getting a law passed in congress to help all the war brides get reunited with their husbands.

9- Please tell us about your monthly newsletter, Movement And Rhythm.
Teachers were hungry for my ideas, because I used movement to teach math and phonics. I decided to write a free monthly newsletter titled, Movement and Rhythm. I also do book reviews of other children’s books and useful websites. I have 400 subscribers so far.
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10-What are you interested in besides writing?
I’m the dance director of the Daughter of Zion Dance Company. It’s a ministry outreach from our church. We’re presenting a show on December 10th at the Schaefer Theater in Toccoa, Georgia. This multi media performance includes photography, beautiful costumes, music, singing, and dance.

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HERE is my REVIEW OF Moving Through All Seven Days  by Kathy Stemke

This is a learning to read fun book not only for the classroom, but for the family! Each day of the week has colorful instructive pictures showing the activities that go with their own clever rhyme. Children will get physical exercise while they learn the days of the week. The tempo can be set to make it slow to fast to create more fun. The book also has coloring pages for the days of the week, rhyme inspirited games teaching spelling and more activities for fun.

My five year old grandson and I sang and danced through the activities. For Wednesday we placed a large W made of masking tape on the floor and we ‘walked on Wednesday’ while saying Wednesday’s rhyme. We extended the fun by changing from a walk to tiptoeing and then on all fours. We had a wonderful time!

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  3. Great review and interview. I know Kathy's book, and it is a terrific read for kids at school or at home.
    My advice - give it to a kid this holiday season.

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