The Horribles by Carolyn Watson Dubisch on THE BOOK REPORT

The Horribles world is anything but usual. Carolyn Watson Dubisch is the author and illustrator of six children’s books which includes the award winnng book for ‘Best All-ages Comic of 2010,’ The People That Melt in the Rain, as well at this modern goth-style fairy tale, The Horribles. This is a story full of dark comedy everyone will enjoy and on par with Monsters Inc with a touch of the Addam’s Family and charming textured drawings.

I loved following The Horribles and their pets around their quirky neighborhood. 
The daughter, Sylvia, is “bewitching” and not as sweet as she looks. Maude and Roddy’s lives definitely change for the better with Creature under the bed. The cat, Remus has to lug a huge bell around his neck. While the teacher insists that you might be ‘too clean’ to be in her class. And just why take the long way home through the bad part of town where no one should roam?

I enjoyed reading this book and couldn’t put it down. I had forgotten how much fun satirical humor is to read. Sometimes it’s much easier to live in a crazy world than the ‘usual.”

The Horribles: IN A NUT SHELL!
JD Holiday


  1. Hi Paula,

    It is! It's a fun story to read.

  2. Yes, did remind me immediately of the Adam's family.

  3. Hi Carole Anne! How are you? I'm good.

    Me, too. I think it would be a great
    TV show. There are so many cartoon type
    shows now it would fit in.



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