Free Coloring Pages Album at Photobucket for KIDS!

We have a free coloring pages album at Photobucket.

This could be another way to get our children’s books noticed. Pictures must be kid friendly, uncolored or decolored (we can tell you how to do this,) titled, have the artist/author name somewhere on the picture and your website or blog address at the bottom were people can find out about your book and where to buy it. Your pictures must be sized to 10”x12” @ 150 dpi (any other size will cause it to print small). If you would like to have your picture(s) added to the album or if you have any questions email them to JD Holiday at: or Christy Condoleo at: All we ask is that you post a “site ad” for the Coloring Pages Gallery on your sites & blogs. So far we have received over 900 hits on the album & it's only been up 9 days.

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