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I have decided to stick to love...Hate is too great a burden to bear. ~Martin Luther King Jr.
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My Broken Ankle!

Some of you may know already that I broke my ankle playing freeze tag with my 4 and a half year old grandson in May. My grandson, Luke feels bad and I told him is wasn't his fault, but he quickly became my doctor and got to work using his "Handy Manny" tools on my ankle.

                    Here is the BOOT. Isn't it beautiful.
                       (See that gorgeous knee!)
The doctor put my foot in the BOOT which at first, for me, was terrible. It rubbed against the ankle and made it worse.

The first two weeks where the hardest with the pain and not getting around very well! I tried the crutches which were not fun. The third week I went to a walker and am hobbling around happily now.

       I have an old cloth bag from the 1989 Bouchercon (XX) Conference tied to the walker,

just to make it easy to carry around all the things I need and stay off my foot.
With only 2 weeks to go before I can walk again, though I'm using the foot in the BOOT more and more each day,  I'm getting back to work on my next book and setting up Janoose The Goose and The Great Snowball Escapade for the iPAD!

For Father's Day! The Easier Path

Painted in 1970 for my Dad.
I didn't understand why at the time I painted this. I had just learned that my father did not have long to live.

Years later, I came to understand after living without him the meaning of this painting. On June 27th it will be 40 years since my Dad died. Maybe it is a long time ago, but I remember him as if it were yesterday.

The Easier Path, one I would not be able to take.

Free Coloring Pages Album at Photobucket for KIDS!

We have a free coloring pages album at Photobucket.

This could be another way to get our children’s books noticed. Pictures must be kid friendly, uncolored or decolored (we can tell you how to do this,) titled, have the artist/author name somewhere on the picture and your website or blog address at the bottom were people can find out about your book and where to buy it. Your pictures must be sized to 10”x12” @ 150 dpi (any other size will cause it to print small). If you would like to have your picture(s) added to the album or if you have any questions email them to JD Holiday at: or Christy Condoleo at: All we ask is that you post a “site ad” for the Coloring Pages Gallery on your sites & blogs. So far we have received over 900 hits on the album & it's only been up 9 days.

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