Book Garden Publishing, LLC Publishes A New Children’s Book, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE By Author and Illustrator J.D. Holiday

March 18, 2010 - Book Garden Publishing is proud to announce the release of a 90 page chapter book for six to eight year olds by J.D. Holiday. The young readers of THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE, will have many enjoyable hours reading about Wil, her cousin Bud and her friends.
In the story, Wilhemena Brooks’ cousin, Bud Dunphry come to live with her family. Wil, as she likes to be called, finds her pink pencil sharpener is missing after Christmas. Wil knows Bud has it! Who else would have taken it?
Bud doesn’t like girls! In fact, Bud doesn’t like anybody. Wil tries to ignore him but he pulls her friends hair, taken over games, and when Bud is in trouble he making his “you’re going to got it” face at her.
After a snowstorm closes school, Wil and her friends go sled riding. Bud shows up and starts a snowball fight which lands Wil in her room for the rest of the day for fighting.
When her pencil sharpener is found, right where she left it, Wil decides she has to try harder to understand her cousin and stay out of trouble. Her mother told her to be nice to Bud and to treat him like she would like to be treated. If Wil treats Bud nicely does that change anything for her?
“I hope children will have as much fun reading it as I did writing and drawing the pictures,” Holiday said. “It comes straight out of my childhood and the relationships with my family and friends.”

J.D. Holiday is also the author and illustrator the children’s picture book, JANOOSE THE GOOSE. She has written a variety of short stories and articles. She is a member of both The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and The Small Publishers Association of North America.
The book is available online at B&N and Amazon or order in bookstores for $5.99.
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REVIEW of  The Great Snowball Escapade by Author and Illustrator Angela Cater

Wilhemena has had a rotten Christmas, thanks to her mean cousin Bud coming to stay. Things don’t get any better when she returns to school – not only is Bud in the same class, but she has to sit next to him! Bud is the school bully. He dictates who is allowed to play and where, he fights with Wil and her friends, deliberately gets her into trouble with teachers and her Mum, and there is no getting away from him because now he lives in her home!
Bud’s parents are going through a divorce, and Wil’s Mum encourages her to be understanding and nice to Bud, but that’s not easy when he’s so mean.
“The Great Snowball Escapade” has a believable and likeable heroine and children will easily identify with her and the situations she finds herself in. The book is effectively illustrated throughout with simple line-drawings.
Do Bud and Wil finally sort out their differences? You’ll just have to read the book to find out.

Angela Cater is the author and illustrator of:
The Adventures of Sailor Sam
A Perfect Nest for Mrs Mallard
Sailor Sam and the Two Sicknesses

Angela Cater blog:
Her site:


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