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The Maggie Project: Review of The Great Snowball Escapade

The Maggie Project: Review of The Great Snowball Escapade: "The Great Snowball Escapade by J. D. Holiday; illus. by the authorPrimary Book Garden Publishing &n..."

December 12, 2010

Book Review: The Great Snowball Escapade

The Great Snowball Escapade
by J. D. Holiday;  illus. by the author
Primary     Book Garden Publishing     90 pp.
3/10     978-0981861425 $5.99
Wilhelmina, or Wil as she likes to be called, is upset.  Her cousin Bud is now living with her family and she knows that he stole her new pink pencil sharpener.  Bud denies it, but makes little effort in winning her friendship or the friendship of others.  Wil has to find a way to get along with Bud.   But a snowball fight ensues, a friend’s cat is lost, and a bully appears with a scary dog.  What more could go wrong for Wil?  J. D. Holiday delivers just the right amount of suspense to entice children to turn the pages.  Perfect for six to eight year old readers and loaded with black and white illustrations, the story shows the effect of bullying and the value of understanding another’s point of view.

SFC Blog: Families Matter: J.D. Holiday..Slices from The Great Snowball Escap...

SFC Blog: Families Matter: J.D. Holiday..Slices from The Great Snowball Escap...: "Come take a closer look at the new release from author J.D Holiday. It is a thrill to present this book to you before the holidays. Ta..."

December 9, 2010

J.D. Holiday..Slices from The Great Snowball Escapade

Come take a closer look at the new release from author J.D Holiday. It is a thrill to present this book to you  before the holidays. Take a peak at the picture and paragraghs here and then grab a copy for a wonderful gift idea this holiday. The book has real life characters that kids will relate to and what better way to get them reading.

The Great Snowball Escapade

Author: J. D. Holiday
Chapter book


Wilhemena Brooks’ cousin, Bud Dunphry come to live with her family. Wil, as she likes to be called, finds her pink pencil sharpener is missing after Christmas. Wil knows Bud has it! Who else would have taken it? Her mother told her to be nice to Bud and to treat him like she would like to be treated. If Wil treats Bud nicely does that change anything for her?

Here is a sample few paragraphs of this chapter book.
      The afternoon was ruined. Wil was lying on her bed looking out the window. Snow was falling again. She should be outside with her friends right now. But because of Bud she was stuck in her room.
Bud was in Jason's room. He was making pretend noises. It sounded like he was playing with cars. The car raced around crashing into things.
The pencil sharpener was on Wil's pillow. Her mother found it. It had never been used. All this time the sharpener was next to the music book on the piano. Her mother said it must have been there since her family sang carols on Christmas Day.
 Wil remembered now. She placed the sharpener on the piano while she sang

'Jingle Bells' with her brother, Jason who was home last week for the holiday.

All this time Bud did not have her sharpener. He had told the truth.

My take on it : This book is a story which includes characters who face a bully, make judgements without facts, and learn to get along together. The black and white illustrations are simple yet add some dimension to the story though the story-line stands alone. The characters are likeable and the theme is a common one amoung peers- learning to trust, get along, and compomise. Young readers will enjoy the story and leave with the satisfaction that all is not what it seems. I give the story a thumbs up. 

Author Bio (written in 3rd person): J.D. Holiday is the author and illustrator of two children’s books: Janoose the Goose, picture book and a chapter book for six to nine year olds, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE. A chapbook of her short stories called, Trespasses was published in 1994 and she has had short stories printed in literary magazines and numerous articles about writing and publishing published.  She is a member of both The Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators, (SCBWI) and Small Publishers of North America, (SPAN.)  J.D. Holiday lives in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania.

The Great Snowball Escapade BOOK GIVEAWAY & interview with ME, JD Holiday!

The Great Snowball Escapade by J.D. Holiday; published by Book Garden Publishing, 2010.
Win a free, autographed copy of this book! Read on for details!

My thoughts…from Librarian, Nancy Messmore!

The Great Snowball Escapade is an entertaining read for emergent readers that includes a lesson about compassion and judging others. Because of that lesson, I would suggest that teachers in first through third grade use this as a read-aloud in class. In addition, the author recommends this book for children ages 6-8. I think a set of these books would be appropriate in second grade classrooms for group assignments and discussion. Public libraries might consider including a box of these books for loan to schools. As a librarian, I would add this book to pathfinders about bullying and friendship.
Aside from the lesson inherent in the story, I always had a hard time finding winter-themed chapter books that kids wanted to read after the holidays when I worked in an elementary school library. This book fits the bill perfectly for a display of snowy books that early elementary students will want to read.
By the way, J.D. Holiday also illustrated the book. For early chapter book readers, illustrations not only break up the text (nice transition from picture books) but provide context clues for the story. Holiday’s illustrations work very well with the text.
Want a FREE copy?
As promised, J.D. Holiday has provided me with an autographed copy of The Great Snowball Escapade plus two autographed bookmarks! This set would make a great holiday gift for a child or teacher (…or librarian…).
In order to win:

Share this post in your blog, Facebook account, or in a tweet (or in any other social media) THEN

Post a comment about the book and indicate how you shared it (Facebook, Twitter, etc) AND

Be sure to include an email address where I can reach you to get your mailing information!

The first comment that fulfills these three steps will be the winner!

This contest is limited to U.S. mailing addresses only, please.

For more information about J.D. Holiday

Utah Children's Writers: Getting to Know Author & Illustrator J.D. Holiday

MY Appearance on Utah Children's Writers!

Stories for Children Publishing, LLC




Owner & Founder, Stories for Children Publishing, LLC


Phone: 435-625-1743

For Immediate Release

J.D Holiday Guest Author on RRRadio-RFK: Stories for Children –December 6th

Come listen in at RRRadio’s newest show, RFK: Stories for Children as the hosts (VS Grenier, D.M. Cunningham and Tiffany Strelitz Haber) chat with J.D. Holiday about her newest book “The Great Snowball Escapade,” and what it has been like doing the World of Ink Author/Book Virtual Tour. J.D. Holiday will also be sharing writing tips, trials and tribulations of the writer’s life.

The show will be live at 11am MST (10am PST, Noon Central and 1pm EST). You can tune in at the RRRadio’s site at or you can listen/call in at (646) 595-4478.

In addition, Stories for Children Publishing will be touring J.D. Holiday’s book, “The Great Snowball Escapade,” all month long. Make sure to stop by and interact with both the hosts and J.D. Holiday at the different stops by leaving a comment and/or question. Both will be checking-in throughout the tour.

J.D. Holiday is the author and illustrator of two children’s books: Janoose the Goose, picture book and a chapter book for six to eight year olds, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE. A chapbook of her short stories called, Trespasses was published in 1994 and she has had short stories printed in literary magazines and numerous articles about writing and publishing published. She is a member of The Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators, (SCBWI) and Small Publishers of North America, (SPAN).

Not only will you have the opportunity to meet Holiday, but this will be the perfect time to meet and learn about the hosts VS Grenier, D.M. Cunningham and Tiffany Strelitz Haber, and their new show on RRRadio-RFK: Stories for Children and their exciting writing careers, along with Stories for Children Publishing and its many divisions.

The Writing Mama: Interview Friday with J.D. Holiday

The Writing Mama: Interview Friday with J.D. Holiday

December 3, 2010

Interview Friday with J.D. Holiday

J.D. Holiday is the author and illustrator of two children’s books: Janoose the Goose,picture book and a chapter book for six to eight year olds, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE. A chapbook of her short stories called, Trespasses was published in 1994 and she has had short stories printed in literary magazines and numerous articles about writing and publishing published.  She is a member of both The Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators, (SCBWI) and Small Publishers of North America, (SPAN.)  J.D. Holiday lives in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania.

VS: I want to thank you for being my guest here on The Writing Mama today. It is so exciting because you are my first World of Ink Tour Guest. It’s been a fun couple of days and the tour is only getting started.

Okay, so I know your children are grown and out of the house, but I’m sure you’ve had to balance your writing life around them at one time or another. I know being a parent and writer can be hard and I find myself asking if I giving my three children enough attention throughout the day. I am sure you have been in my shoes from time to time maybe with grandchildren.

So to start here is the first question, how many children/grandchildren do you have and what are their ages?

JD: Thank you, Virginia. I'm so glad to be here!

I have one daughter, who is thirty-eight so I don't have to give her that much attention, but it's my grandson, Luke who is five that I watch while my daughter and son-in-law work.

I do find myself, while watching Luke, spending a little too much time on the computer typing. I do try and catch myself. So I know what you mean.

VS: I have to be careful as well now that I have a young baby, soon to be toddler in the house. I use to be able to put her in her playpen and just take that hour to work. But now with her starting to walk . . . I have to catch myself as well.

So J.D. how long have you been writing?

JD: It's about 30 years now. A friend asked me to help her write a book she was working on. I did and went we were done with it, I started writing one of my own. Once in a while, I would stop for a few months and then get back to it.

VS: Funny how sometime you just fall into a writing career. Well, we’re glad your friend asked you to help her with a book because you have written two really great books since.

Okay, since you take short breaks from writing, what is a typical writing day like for you?

JD: I write and paint my children's books so some of my days can be spent between writing and the artwork. I spend about 2 to 4 hours a day doing one or the other, or both.

VS: Wow, you not only write, but do the artwork as well. I’m not that talented and I don’t think my readers would like my stick people too much. So is your family supportive of your writing?

JD: Yes. They didn't always, but it's been going on so long now that it is now a way of life for us all.

VS: I understand completely. My hubby still calls my writing a hobby from time to time.  Do you consider yourself a born writer?

JD: No, but I was conditioned by watching my father write his stories and typing away on his typewriter every weekend all my childhood.

VS: That’s wonderful you had your fathers as an example. What was the first thing you ever had published?

JD: I sure can. It was short story basic on a loved neighbor of mine who had to decide if she could stay in her own home once she she could not take care of it by herself. In the story a new feline friend and some of her human friends make it an easy discussion. The short story was called, 'Where The Heart Is,' and it was  publishing in a literary magazine called Legacy in 1992.

VS: That is wonderful. Okay so what do you enjoy most about writing?

JD: The accomplishment I feel after completing all I set out to do in a story.

VS: I really like that. You’re the first to give this answer. Okay, so what is the best writing advice you ever received?

JD: That would be, Edit, Edit and Edit. A writer must learn to do it mostly themselves
or find or hire an editor to do it for them. It is not only important to catch spelling and grammar errors but you can clean up story problems as well that could stand in the way of a great story.

VS: I couldn’t agree more with you and if you’re not good with editing, I would suggest paying for a freelance editor then.

Now J.D. what would we be surprised to learn about you?

JD: That I was probably dyslexic as a child. I don't believe they knew about it. For many years writing and spelling were difficult. In school reading was a major problem. I found, early on, that if I listened in class and could remember then I could pass a test. I could not pass a test with studying at home or just reading chapters.

VS: Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed that. I think it’s great you’re not letting being dyslexic as a child stop you from writing like some would have.

J.D. what tips can you give writing parents with children at home to help them see publication?

JD: Use what writing time they have wisely. In those moments when they are "alone" on occasion, they should spend some of it researching their market and the publishing route they should take.

VS: J.D, I want to thank you for taking the time to share with my readers about being a writing mama.

JD: You are welcome, Virginia. Thank you so much for having me on today.

You can learn more about J.D. Holiday and her book “The Great Snowball Escapade” at

J.D. Holiday’s site:

MORE with Kathy Stemke! An interview and the Book Review of her book!


KATHY STEMKE is not only an author but is a ghostwriter, editor, and reviewer DKV Writing 4U and  a contributing editor for The National Writing for Children's Center where she writes a monthly teaching tips column.

1- When did you start writing professionally?
As a teacher and tutor I taught creative writing for many years. About three years ago I won a couple of poetry contests and found myself on Helium, an article site. I sold several of my articles to publishers and was encouraged to start a teaching tips blog. I collaborated with an artist to publish my first ebook on Lulu.

from Moving Through All Seven Days!

2- I know you write a monthly column, 'Tips for Teachers and Parents' at The National Writing for Children's Center. How long have you been working for them?
I’ve been writing for NWCC for a little over a year. I’ve learned several vital writing and marketing skills from the many excellent authors associated with this organization. The Children’s Writing Coaching Club is an outgrowth of this center and a great place for new authors to hone their skills. They have weekly teleseminars on writing techniques and marketing skills, and professional weekly critiques.
Click on this link to find out more about it. Join Childrens Writers Coaching Club!

3- As an editor, what advice do you have for writers?
Learn your craft. This includes developing a character with depth, and a plot with conflicts that must be resolved. A good picture book has to be different to get the attention of the public. It must also have lots of unexpected surprises. Get into a good critique group and learn about punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
Click on this link for a free children’s writing checklist.

4- You also work as a ghostwriter at DRV Writing 4 U. How did you become a ghostwriter and are there books out there "written" by others that have your fingerprints on them?
I joined the team at DKV Writing 4 U in June of 2010 through my associations with Karen Cioffi and Lea Schizas. So far I’ve been editing, writing articles for several websites and writing book reviews. Ghostwriting news posts for websites has been interesting and lucrative. Other members of our team have written books for others.

5- I love your children’s e-book, Moving Through All Seven Days. How much did your background in dance help create the book?My background in dance as well as my teaching in kindergarten helped me create this book, which inspires movement as kids learn the days of the week. Most preschoolers know the names of the days, but have trouble putting them in order and learning how to spell each day. Through rhyme my book conquers these two problems. There are worksheets, phonics practice pages, and coloring pages too. Buy it here:

6- Tell us a bit about your latest books. Trouble On Earth Day
The illustrator, Kurt Wilken, is almost done with the pictures for this book about recycling. Shelby has won a poster contest at school and finds things around the house to recycle. When she hears someone crying outside she goes to see if she can help. She makes a new friend, helps someone in need, and helps the Earth too! Look for it’s debut early in 2011.

7- And, Sh, Sh, Sh, Will the Baby Sleep?
This is my first book with Guardian Angel publishers. The illustrator, Jack Foster, did a fantastic job bringing the main character, Zachary, to life. He is having trouble adjusting to his new baby sister. He runs into trouble keeping her asleep. The fun begins when he puts on his thick black glasses and has super powers. It should come out early 2011.

8- Are you planning to write in other genres as well?Yes. I’m researching a novel now, which will be based on my mother’s life. She was an English War bride who stowed away on a ship with her newborn after World War II to get to America. They were discovered half way across the Atlantic Ocean and turned over to the FBI when they reached Boston harbor. She was instrumental in getting a law passed in congress to help all the war brides get reunited with their husbands.

9- Please tell us about your monthly newsletter, Movement And Rhythm.
Teachers were hungry for my ideas, because I used movement to teach math and phonics. I decided to write a free monthly newsletter titled, Movement and Rhythm. I also do book reviews of other children’s books and useful websites. I have 400 subscribers so far.
Sign up on my blog:

10-What are you interested in besides writing?
I’m the dance director of the Daughter of Zion Dance Company. It’s a ministry outreach from our church. We’re presenting a show on December 10th at the Schaefer Theater in Toccoa, Georgia. This multi media performance includes photography, beautiful costumes, music, singing, and dance.

For more on Kathy Stemke and her books please visit:
Read her articles:

Follow Kathy on twitter:

HERE is my REVIEW OF Moving Through All Seven Days  by Kathy Stemke

This is a learning to read fun book not only for the classroom, but for the family! Each day of the week has colorful instructive pictures showing the activities that go with their own clever rhyme. Children will get physical exercise while they learn the days of the week. The tempo can be set to make it slow to fast to create more fun. The book also has coloring pages for the days of the week, rhyme inspirited games teaching spelling and more activities for fun.

My five year old grandson and I sang and danced through the activities. For Wednesday we placed a large W made of masking tape on the floor and we ‘walked on Wednesday’ while saying Wednesday’s rhyme. We extended the fun by changing from a walk to tiptoeing and then on all fours. We had a wonderful time!

WATCH THE Adorable Book Trailer for

A Review of NO REST FOR THE CRANKY PRINCESS, a children's bedtime story by Kathy Stemke: IN A NUT SHELL!

The Cranky Princess has the softest bed in the kingdom but she could not fall to sleep no matter how many times the wizard waved his wand. She was well entertained all night long. The jester’s laugh and the monster size shadows on the walls made her imagine playing with her friends.

Kathy Stemke

It will be the brave ‘Knight’ searching the deep sea, even with a ‘friendly enough’ shark in his way, who would bring a peaceful sleep to our Cranky Princess.

This is an entertaining and clever bedtime story with winsome pictures that will bring sweet dreams to its young listeners.
You can check out 'No Sleep For The Cranky Princess'at NATURE MADE SLEEP BEDTIME STORY CONTEST and VOTE for THE CRANKY PRINCESS.

That’s No Rest for the Cranky Princess by KATHY STEMKE: IN A NUT SHELL!

Review written by JD Holiday

I'm A TWO-TIME Winner of the One Lovely Blog!

I'm A TWO-TIME Winner of the One Lovely Blog! Thank You to my friend, SUE RUNDLE-HUGHES for thinking of me for The One Lovely Blog Award 2010!

In the spirit that this award was given to me I am honored to pass it along to 3 authors I greatly admire. There are the rules for the award. They are simple:
1) Accept the award, and don’t forget to post a link back to the awarding person.
2) Pass the award on.
3) Notify the award winner/winners.
The three winners are:


Carol Denbow

Kathy Stemke
Congratulations Ladies!
Please right-click on the award to place it on your blog!

Stop Bullying: Here is WHAT YOU CAN DO if You are Being Bullied

Being Bullied
Bullies come in all ages & from all types of people; they can be just one person, a whole group and members of a family.
What is the definition of bullying?
Are you an adult bully: bullying your co-workers, employees and neighbors AND teaching it to your children?
A lot of young people and even adults have a good idea of what bullying is because they see it every day! Bullying happens when someone is hurt or scare by another person or group of people on purpose and the person being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself. Usually, bullying happens over and over.
Why do they do it?
Could it be to make their friends laugh, make themselves feel power of others and show others they are someone to be feared?
For more on bullying go to:
Protecting Against Bullies Throughout the Life Cycle
How to Avoid Being Bullied by Adults

IF this bullying is happening online. Do not rely! IF you have alreadySTOP! Tell your family and friends that you trust. Block all contact with this person. Save the emails that are bullying, print them out and show them to others you trust.

MORE ON BULLYING,  also called Gaslighting:

For Children on Bullying:


Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.

The Horribles by Carolyn Watson Dubisch on THE BOOK REPORT

The Horribles world is anything but usual. Carolyn Watson Dubisch is the author and illustrator of six children’s books which includes the award winnng book for ‘Best All-ages Comic of 2010,’ The People That Melt in the Rain, as well at this modern goth-style fairy tale, The Horribles. This is a story full of dark comedy everyone will enjoy and on par with Monsters Inc with a touch of the Addam’s Family and charming textured drawings.

I loved following The Horribles and their pets around their quirky neighborhood. 
The daughter, Sylvia, is “bewitching” and not as sweet as she looks. Maude and Roddy’s lives definitely change for the better with Creature under the bed. The cat, Remus has to lug a huge bell around his neck. While the teacher insists that you might be ‘too clean’ to be in her class. And just why take the long way home through the bad part of town where no one should roam?

I enjoyed reading this book and couldn’t put it down. I had forgotten how much fun satirical humor is to read. Sometimes it’s much easier to live in a crazy world than the ‘usual.”

The Horribles: IN A NUT SHELL!
JD Holiday

THE BOOK REPORT CLASSICS - The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart © 1961: IN A NUT SHELL!


I do a lot of writing and drawing of late and find reading has been put on the back burner, but found some time, usually in bed late at night, recently to read The Ivy Tree and Madam, Can You Talk? both my favorites, and both by legendary Novelist, Mary Stewart.

Even by today’s standard, these books are page turners and they don’t need graphic sex to do it.
The Ivy Tree takes place in a beautiful English countryside setting which is as much a character in this story as the lovely Mary Grey. She has just arrived from Canada, a young working woman with an uncertain future, who begins a dangerous adventure.
The spitting image of the missing heiress Annabel Winslow, Mary is about to be offered the chance to replace Annabel, who eight years earlier just walked away from a grand fortune.
Connor Winslow is the son of a nephew to Annabel’s grandfather, Mathew Winslow and Con manages the vast estate for the older man and is his only living male relative. Annabel is the oldest of Mathew’s two granddaughters.
On her arrival in England Mary meets an angry man who takes her for his long ago runaway cousin and heir to the fortune that, Con, himself thinks should now be his. He wants to know what she has come back for. She convinces the angry man that she is not his cousin, only to have him make her ‘an offer she had trouble refusing,’ to walk into Mathew Winslow’s life and take Annabel’s rightful place!

Does Mary really looks so much like Annabel Winslow that she can fool the grandfather the real Annabel loved? What of the missing heiress who is now taken for dead? Is she die as her distant cousin, Connor Winslow hopes or will she come back? How does Mary play Annabel when the true heiress is the own one who knows her own secrets? Could Mary be the ex-lover to Adam Forrest, a romance even Con did not know about? So many questions in such a great adventure!
When we first see the Ivy Tree, Mary is about to walk past it into a new life. The secret of the Ivy Tree could easily be her undoing, for neither Con nor his sister knew of its significance. The Ivy Tree’s description remains you that Mary is about to embark on what could very well be a dangerous enterprise.

‘…the wall had been clothed in ivy, and the ivy had reached for the tree, crept up it, engulfed it, till now trunk was one towering mass of the dark gleaming leaves, and only the tree’s upper branches managed to thrust the young gold leaves of early summer through the strangling curtain. Eventually the ivy would kill it…’
When Mary meets Adam Forrest he will not be persuaded she is not Annabel. Does she tell him the truth or continue the lie. She decides the best way is to tell him what she up to and why. Adam finds the story she tells not one he likes. Adam is finally convinced by Mary that she is not Annabel and tells her he will give her a short time to get away before he tells the truth about her.
With her masterful way with similes, the author tells us how Mary feels when Adam walks away:
‘…In the silence after he had gone, the tap dripped, a small, maddening sound, like a reiterated note on a  harpsichord, a little out of tune.
I found I was leaning against the chilly metal of the cooler. I felt cold, with a sweating, empty slackness, like someone who has just vomited…’
Under the circumstances, Mary is overwhelmed and is frighten and fears what she has gotten herself into. But all she has to do is to pull it off to get the fortune, even though, if Annabel is dead, it all rightfully belongs to Annabel’s young cousin, Julie.
Ms. Stewart is one of the founders of the modern romance suspense genre’. Her descriptive story settings such as ancient Greece and Rome placing you there inside her tales of mystery and romance.
At this date, September 2010, Ms. Stewart lives in England and is 94 years old. In my opinion she is one of the best authors of out times. I thank her for her marvelous works and I wish her well.

Out of Print! This is the only suspense novel by Mary Stewart that I haven't read.
Not able to find this IN GOOD CONDITION with out paying an arm and a leg for it!


My short Story: The Cemetery Affair in is CBB Writer Magazine this month!
Some of the other authors in this issue are: Mari Sloan, Linda King, Tucker Smallwood, and more!
                               CBB WRITER MAGAZINE'S  Home is COLD COFFEE 
Cold Coffee is a site for writers, those in the writing business and anyone who loves the written word.

The Cemetery Affair is in 

STORIES AND IMAGININGS FOR THE READING SPOT, A Collection of Short Stories For Adult. 


My Blog Won the VERSATLIE Blogger AWARD!

Thanks, JO!
JD'S Writers Blog has been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Jo Linsdell- Feliciani! I want to Thank Jo for this lovely honor!
There are Rules! (I love rules!)
They are:
1. Thank the person who loved me enough to bestow this gift.
 ♥♥♥♥ THANK YOU, JO! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

2. Share seven things about myself.
     I have a wonderful hushand, daughter, son-in-law and grandson.
     I enjoy writing and painting.
     I am working on my dream of getting all my book manuscripts into print.
     I enjoy my family's retreat by the lake, which we just got back from.
    I love dogs and want to get a male lab to go along with the lab mix girl I have, Dora.
    I love my online friends!
   I hope to never break my ankle again!

3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way. (Let me say, that this was a hard choice to make since I know so many great blogs.)

Diana Navarro
Nata Romeo
Christy Condoleo
Doreen Cavazza
Janet Caldwell
Paula Slade
Helena Harper
Virginia Grenier
Hazel Mitchell
Yvonne Perry

4. Drop by and let my ten new friends know I admire them.
     That would be all the above blogs!


My Broken Ankle!

Some of you may know already that I broke my ankle playing freeze tag with my 4 and a half year old grandson in May. My grandson, Luke feels bad and I told him is wasn't his fault, but he quickly became my doctor and got to work using his "Handy Manny" tools on my ankle.

                    Here is the BOOT. Isn't it beautiful.
                       (See that gorgeous knee!)
The doctor put my foot in the BOOT which at first, for me, was terrible. It rubbed against the ankle and made it worse.

The first two weeks where the hardest with the pain and not getting around very well! I tried the crutches which were not fun. The third week I went to a walker and am hobbling around happily now.

       I have an old cloth bag from the 1989 Bouchercon (XX) Conference tied to the walker,

just to make it easy to carry around all the things I need and stay off my foot.
With only 2 weeks to go before I can walk again, though I'm using the foot in the BOOT more and more each day,  I'm getting back to work on my next book and setting up Janoose The Goose and The Great Snowball Escapade for the iPAD!

For Father's Day! The Easier Path

Painted in 1970 for my Dad.
I didn't understand why at the time I painted this. I had just learned that my father did not have long to live.

Years later, I came to understand after living without him the meaning of this painting. On June 27th it will be 40 years since my Dad died. Maybe it is a long time ago, but I remember him as if it were yesterday.

The Easier Path, one I would not be able to take.

Free Coloring Pages Album at Photobucket for KIDS!

We have a free coloring pages album at Photobucket.

This could be another way to get our children’s books noticed. Pictures must be kid friendly, uncolored or decolored (we can tell you how to do this,) titled, have the artist/author name somewhere on the picture and your website or blog address at the bottom were people can find out about your book and where to buy it. Your pictures must be sized to 10”x12” @ 150 dpi (any other size will cause it to print small). If you would like to have your picture(s) added to the album or if you have any questions email them to JD Holiday at: or Christy Condoleo at: All we ask is that you post a “site ad” for the Coloring Pages Gallery on your sites & blogs. So far we have received over 900 hits on the album & it's only been up 9 days.


Review by Nata Romeo of  The GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE written and illustration by JD Holiday.

I highly recommend The Great Snowball Escapade. My daughter and I love the book! J.D. Holiday is a very talented writer and illustrator. Children can relate to Wilhemena's life being turned upside down when her cousin Bud moves in with her and her family. Bud is misunderstood. At first there is alot of tension, blaming between the cousins, even the kids at school blamed Bud for everything that went wrong. In the end everything works out. Wilhemena and Bud learned to trust each other as friends do.
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