HANNAH'S MAN by Rita Hestand

Hannah's Man is a wonderful romance story.
Rusty is beholden to Hannah’s father and has no choice but to help Hannah save her ranch. Hannah needs no one, so she believes, until her family ranch is about to be foreclosed on. Rusty and Hannah are fun to watch as they come together with odds against them being in love in this warm romantic story by author Rita Hestand. You see the insight Rusty developes for Hannah as he falls in love, and you see Hannah, struggle with her convictions and the feelings that grow between them. I could not help feeling I know these two people.

Rita Hestand writes characters that are really in tune to one another. As you read along Rusty and Hannah fall in love step by step. I was sick for a few days and had time to read, so being sick was a mixed blessing shall I say! I hated having to stop reading Hannah’s Man to do other things. You will enjoy this warm love story!

Review by J.D. Holiday

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